Monday, May 09, 2011

"Fashion Forward"

Fashion ForwardIMG_5644-Edit

"Fashion Forward"
©David A. Ziser

Here is another image I captured during one of my teaching sessions at Texas School last week.  I was trying to demonstrate to the class how, that while the super wide angle lens could be your friend, it could also come back to “bite” you, compositionally speaking, that is.

I positioned our bride in about the worst part of the frame, the bottom right corner.  I was getting some distortion, but on the other hand, I was loving my composition.  I was able to manage/minimize quite a bit of the subject’s distortion in Lightroom 3.

Look how the bride is framed up in the right-bottom part of the frame by all the lines in the ceiling. I really liked how the wide angle lens was stretching all the lines in favor of the composition. I guess I could have cropped more of the left side of the image, but I don’t mind that large part of the ceiling offering a counterweight to the visual balance of the frame.

This is definitely an image that may not suit everyone’s aesthetic tastes but I still like the fashion feel of the image.

Camera specs: Canon 7D fitted with Sigma 8-16mm lens at 8mm, F5.6 @ 1/40 second, ISO 1600.  Enjoy!  -David

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  1. as you Said the composition cover on the distortion

    i like it