Monday, May 09, 2011

Quick Hit Monday: Future Of Blogging; Photographic Inspiration; Photo Tips; Photoshop/Lightroom Tutorials; and A Few Freebies

Good Afternoon Everybody,

Kentucky Derby I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We landed just in time to watch the running of the 137th Kentucky Derby.  LaDawn and I quickly picked our 3 favorites – six in all – none of them made it to Win, Place, or Show.  That sort of explains why we don’t go to the races ;~)

It’s kind of interesting – over all the years I’ve been shooting weddings in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati area, I’ve almost always had a wedding on race weekend.  But down in Lexington, KY where the Derby is run, time stands still  – that means nothing else happens EXCEPT the Kentucky Derby.

Sunday was a very relaxing Mother’s Day for the both of us, the weather was perfect and we both enjoyed brunch with LaDawn’s son and new wife in the morning and a peaceful/restful afternoon with an adult beverage later in the day.

After Dark Lands In Cincinnati, Ohio

After Dark Cincy Things are back into high gear today.  After Dark landed in town yesterday and I plan to head on down and check it out later today.  After Dark is a very unusual educational event bringing 35 instructors together for a 3 day learning and sharing opportunity on just about everything photographic.  I hear the sessions go into the wee hours of the morning – hence the name After Dark.

I noticed lots of my buds will be in town – Ralph Romaguera, Mary Mannix from Canon,  Dave Cross, just to name a few - so I plan to head on down and say HI. 

For today’s Quick Hit Monday I’ve got lots of information laden tutorial and tip heavy links for you today along with some pretty darn inspirational photography plus lots of freebies.  Enjoy!

Meeting The Man Behind LensFlare35

DAZ and Dave Warner After classes wrapped Friday at noon at Texas School, we packed everything up, headed back to our room and caught up with Dave Warner, the force behind Lensflare35.  Dave and I have stayed in contact over the last few years – I’ve even appeared on his podcasts in the past [link1] & [link2].

We had a great lunch at Flying Fish, a wonderful little restaurant just a few blocks from the hotel, highly recommended BTW, and talked blogging and how to build exciting web content for the future.  Sadly, we both feel podcasts and many of the typical blogging scenarios have run there course these days. 

Things will be changing over the next 18-24 months.  Bloggers that move forward by generating exciting alternative ways of creating content will be the new winners in the blogsphere.  DaveWarner picWe’re both looking at how to bring those new technologies to our readers.   It was a great visit, even though I was running on “fumes” and I think it showed a bit – so SORRY Dave – but we both plan to work together and push forward with some exciting possibilities.  We’ll keep you posted.

Oh, BTW, check out some of Dave’s outstanding photography at right here.  His stylized images of Austin on Metal are just beautiful.

Monday Morning Photographic Inspiration

Cool Wedding Pic I always like to wake up to beautiful photography on Monday morning.  Let me point you to 3 cool websites that will light your creative fires for this week.

  1. 25 Beautiful Wedding Photographs [link]
  2. 10 Best Example Of Architectural Photography [link]
  3. 31 Effective Examples of Rim-Lit Portraiture [link]
    Amazing Digital Painting Landscapes – 50 Examples [link]

Monday Morning Photographic Tips, Ideas, and Behind the Scenes Looks

5 Photo Tips Here’s four worthwhile tips, ideas, and a peek behind the scene at the recent royal wedding of William and Kate to help you make your photography more exciting as well as consistent.  Be sure to check out tip #1 from my buddy Denis Reggie – good advice.

  1. 7 Tips for Great Wedding Pictures by Denis Reggie [link]
  2. Royal Wedding Photographer Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Details [link]
  3. Photography Ideas on Composition and Color [link]
  4. Five Photography Tips: Chris Garrison [link]

Monday Morning Photoshop/Lightroom Tips, Tuts, and Tricks

Too Much PS Hey, you’ve got to stay sharp to stay ahead of the pack.  Time to go to school this Monday morning.  Here are 7 links to sharpen your Photoshop/Lightroom skills.  Enjoy!

  1. HDR Photography Tutorial Part 1 [link]
  2. Sharpening in Photoshop [link]
  3. How To Fake a Tilt-Shift Photo in Photoshop [link]
  4. Photoshop: How Much is Too Much? [link]
  5. Lightroom Tip – Facebook and Flickr Commenting [link]
  6. Easy Grunge Border in Photoshop [link]

Monday Morning Freebies

Free BrushesAnd just so you don’t leave today’s post empty handed, let me point you towards three freebies you can stick in your back pocket - check out the links below.

  1. 30 Free Stock Photos Websites To Download Images [link].
  2. 75+ Photoshop Brushes For Designers & Artists [link]
  3. 50 Useful and Free Vector Photoshop Brush Sets [link]
  4. High Resolution Colorful Free Textures [link]


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  I’ve got a client stopping by in just about an hour so I’ve got to run.  If you see me down at After Dark this afternoon, come on up and say HI.

And, don’t forget to stop back tomorrow for Technique Tuesday: Magical Black and White Conversions – Saving The Over/Under Exposed Image.

See ya’ then,  David


  1. I would agree that things in Lexington stand fairly still during the Kentucky Derby, however, the Derby is run at Churchill Downs in Louisville.

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