Monday, May 30, 2011

A Few Thoughts On Memorial Day 2011

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Most of us are spending time with family and friends today with Memorial Day marking the first days of summer. But let us set aside thoughts of burgers and hot dogs for just a few moments as we remember those protecting our country on three war fronts on this day.

Let's also honor all our over 1,000,000 fallen heroes, who have served to protect our freedom.  This memorial inscription at Arlington National Cemetery says it most clearly:

"Not for fame or reward, Not for place or for rank, Not lured by ambition, Or goaded by necessity, But in simple, Obedience to duty, As they understood it, These men suffered all, Sacrificed all, Dared all–and died"

And as I read this morning on another blog [link];

"It is tempting to become a little melancholy when contemplating all those who have given their “last full measure of devotion,” as President Lincoln so eloquently put it.  But as General Patton said, “Thank God that men and women like these lived, rather than regret that they died.”  So with that advice I suggest we honor our fallen for their sacrifices, but also celebrate their lives."

So instead of me wishing all of you a "Happy Memorial Day", let me wish each and everyone of you a "Thoughtful, Loving, Reflective Memorial Day".



  1. A Great post Dave! It puts our petty complaints with life in stark, sobering, tearful context.