Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring Cleaning Fire Sale! Get Them While They Last!

Fire Sale2That's right, it's a Spring Cleaning Fire Sale at my

Digital Resource Center right here. We've had a few items sitting on the shelves a bit too long, and my staff said, "Let's clear them out!"  My training materials consistently get 5-star reviews all the time! You won't want to miss these deals! Satisfaction guaranteed!

Here is the link to the HOT DEALS! Grab them now while you can, they won't last long at these prices!

My Training DVDs - a steal at only $19.95 each!

  1. Classic Lighting & Posing - 248min 2 DVD Set (Orig $129)
  2. Make Your Lighting Exciting - 148min 2 DVD Set (Orig $129)
  3. Rapid Fire Tips and Tricks - 70min DVD (Orig $69)
  4. Live Wedding Shoot: Start to Finish - 83min (Orig $69)

4 DVDsGet ALL FOUR Training DVD Collections - a total of over 9 hours of jam-packed information for ONLY $69.95 (Orig $399)

Hot Shots Quick Reference Guides

3 Book Collection for ONLY $49.95 (Orig $119)

Captured By the Light: The Essential Guide to Creating Extraordinary Wedding Photography:

ONLY $29.95 (Orig $54.95)

ALL 4 DVDs and add the Captured By the Light Book

ONLY $89.95  (Orig $454)


I want it allGet ALL 4 DVDs add Captured By the Light Book plus the 3 Hot Shots Quick Reference Guides - ALL for ONLY $139.95 (Orig $579)

Spring Cleaning doesn't get any better than this! Snag one of these HOT DEALS! right now right here.

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