Monday, November 30, 2009


3976a_France Z07

©David A. Ziser

When I started the DPT blog almost 2 1/2 years ago, I was posting the daily images without any back story or EXIF data.  That quickly changed and I think our readers really enjoy the “rest of the story.”  That’s why I’ve decided to re-visit these images occasionally – filling in the “blanks”, so to speak.  Today’s image was made while we were in the south of France about 3 years ago.  Wow!  What a trip.  We caught the sunflowers and the heather at their peak and captured some great images.  This is one of my favorites from the trip.  We were driving through the countryside near Carpentras, France and passed this wonderfully enchanting field of sunflowers.  To see this many sunflowers in a field this large was remarkable.  This is a simple shot where the subject matter is doing all the work – that is, looking good for the camera.  I picked up just a bit of the sky to contrast with the the yellow tones of the sunflowers.  Camera specs;  Canon 5D fitted with 24-105mm IS lens at 70mm, F11 @ 1/160 second, ISO 800.  Enjoy!  -David

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  1. Come on David, That's Ok... but put a model in it like this!

    (just one off camera 580 EXII hand held)