Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Technique Tuesday: A Double Feature - Making Your Slide Shows Sing With Video

Good Morning Everybody,

What a great turnout we had last night in Raleigh, NC - a great crowd with lots of enthusiasm. Of course, it always comes out at door prize time.  You know, I think I'm going to miss door prize time once we wrap the tour;~) Anyway, thanks everybody for stopping by last night. 

LD Drive by1 Today we make the short trip over to Charlotte, NC where we will be visiting about 170 for this evening's presentation.  And then on to Columbia, SC and on Thursday to Atlanta. We haven't been to this part of the country for a while so it's fun to be making the trip again.  If I get any good shots from our "drive by shootings", I'll get them up here on DPT.  This view of the Virginia mountains is an image LaDawn took on Sunday.

One more thing – in yesterday’s post [link] I mentioned a nice tutorial by Jeff Revell where he showed how to pull a lot of detail out of an image. Unfortunately, I forgot to include the link.  The post is now corrected, so go check it out – I’ll know you will enjoy it.

Hey gang, I've got a great Technique Tuesday for everybody today.  As I mentioned yesterday - it's a video double feature.  You've heard I'm a big fan of Animoto, but now I'm even a bigger fan.  Why? because of how effortlessly Animoto lets us combine video clips with our still images.  It's way super easy. Instead of me waxing fantastic here about what I've been up too, how about we get on with today's Technique Tuesday post.

A Double Feature - Making Your Slide Shows Sing With Video

I've been planning this post for a few weeks so I hope you enjoy it. Here is the back story.  I photographed Lindsey for her high school senior portrait.  We got some great shots but with the new Canon cameras shooting video, I wanted to augment the images with  video clips.

So last week, Lindsey and I went out in the beautiful fall surrounds – and captured images and video clips only a few seconds long.  I know what you're thinking, "There he goes again talking videos with still images - no way I'm doing that.  I'm not learning any new software."

Everybody seems "scared to death" of the video capabilities of the new digital cameras. Don't be.  In this tutorial I'll show you how, in just a few mouse clicks, you can combine still images with your short video clips.  I'll also show you how simple and UN-intimidating the entire process can be.

Hey gang, I felt the same way and that's why I turned to Animoto to do the job for me. Man, it is a "piece of cake" to do and I love the result.  Instead of me yakking away - why don't you hit the PLAY button below and see what I'm talking about . You are going to love it.

Next, hit the PLAY button on the next show to see the finished result - way cool!!!


Remember – Animoto is offering 3 months of commercial access for only $99 and if you use the code from my Digital WakeUp Call tour - Digitalwakeup4 - they will kick in another month for free.  That’s a 25% discount. One more time – here is the Animoto link right here.

Hey everybody, that's it for me today.  We are heading out to Columbia, SC shortly.  How about I plan to see you back here again tomorrow.  See ya' then.   Adios, -David


  1. Really enjoyed your visit to Raleigh. Very informative. Can you please repost the email to kelby media group you mentioned? The one for Kristen K has evidently expired

  2. Nice post, David. Thanks for the encouragement to add video! Brian F.

  3. David, excellent post as usual. I will give Animoto a try with video as a result. I wonder if you have tried to edit 5Dmk2 files in Premiere Pro CS4. If so, could you share your workflow and, especially, how you prepare the files for smooth editing.

  4. Thank you for all of your wonderful tips and tricks. I loved your presentation.

  5. Such a combination of still images and video is a very interesting concept for a product. Great post!