Monday, November 23, 2009

Quick Hit Monday: My Latest Video Is "Live"; TeleSummit Update; DPT Flickr Group Update; More 7D Video; Data Storage In The Cloud

Good Morning Everybody,

Is it time to get up yet?  What, it's Monday, and I have to get the blog up?  But, but, but we're still in Hawaii.  Look at the beautiful sky and the wonderful beaches; feel the warm breezes and smell the sweet floral scents in the air.

Shakespeare But as Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet,

"I'll have grounds
More relative than this—
the blog's the thing
Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the King."

OK, maybe I've misquoted Shakespeare, but as has been said many, many times before, "The blog must go on."  And go on it will, all the way from Hawaii;~)

Hawaii Wedding-IMG_3142Hey gang, I hope everyone had a great weekend - you can bet we did while visiting in Hawaii. We mostly just relaxed since arriving. We've taken in a few sites, but mostly just chillin' knowing we didn't need to be anywhere any time soon. 

On Saturday their were lots of weddings taking place here at the Hilton Hawaiian Village – I just needed to grab a shot or two.

DAZ-LD-Greg-IMG_3278On  Sunday morning we hooked up with Greg – he had been to my DWUC tour twice and also recently to my Digital Master Class – and he showed us a few very beautiful sites outside of Waikiki.  It was a nice visit.

We head back home on Tuesday afternoon getting in on Wednesday just in time to spend time with family over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  We certainly have MUCH to be thankful for.

We've got a few more days here on the island so let's get right to Quick Hit Monday.

My Latest Video Goes Live At Kelby Training

DAZ Kelby Training Pic It's true, it's true - my long anticipated fifth video has finally gone "live" over at Kelby Training.  It's entitled, "Rapid Fire Tips And Tricks".  I'll walk you through 15 lessons on how to get the most out of some difficult and not so difficult lighting situations. 

As I've said so many times before, these lessons are NOT necessarily wedding centric videos. Every lesson is about lighting. My subjects' just happen to be brides and grooms, but the lesson is still about the light.  Anyway, why not make the trip over to Kelby Training right here and check it out. Hey, with the cost only being $24.95 a month for all "you can eat" online training, Kelby Training is a steal of a deal - guaranteed!

Quick Update On 16 Hour Marketing Telesummit Marathon Update

Telesummit2A few months ago I was thrilled to be involved with Sarah Petty's super informative and successful Joy of Marketing TeleSummit [link]. She received so many emails from those who missed it that she has made the download available again. I've just discovered that it will only be available till December 13, 2009.  So, if you are interested check it out right here.

Update On DigitalProTalk's Flickr Group

Flickr DPT grab I have to admit, I've been a little lax about keeping our DPT Flickr group [link] updated. Originally I wanted it to be a place where photogs could come together and help each other out, share ideas, and post contest entries that I occasionally was running here at DPT.

Nicholas Now for the good news - my buddy and "Ace #1" assistant, Nicholas Viltrakis, has offered to take over those duties for me. So, as of today, you can rest assured that images will be moderated much more quickly.

I want to look to you guys and girls and loyal readers of DPT on just how we can really get the DPT Flickr group really rockin'. Drop a comment or two in the "Comments" section below and "let's see what we can build together."

And Speaking Of Comments, And Comment SPAM

No Spam Folks, the comment SPAM has been driving me crazy around here at DPT. I was finding the comment spam being posted to much older posts so I changed the Blogger settings to allow posts newer than 14 days to be posted without moderation. Well, the spammers have worked their way around that limitation too and recently started posting to the most recent DPT posts.

So, to keep this blog free of all comment spam, I decided to enable comment moderation for all comments. After each day's blog posts I'll make it a habit to get the comments posted from the day before. Sorry for any inconvenience this new policy may present, but it really shouldn't affect things much as I've always let just about all the comments stand anyway.

Canon 7D Video Again

7D Video Hey gang, here is a post I found over at Photography Bay linking to a post over at on the first impressions of video capabilities of the new Canon 7D - here is the link. For anyone wanting to make video part of their product offerings for their clients - me included, this is a good read.

Store Your Digital Images In A Cloud

With all the talk about "Cloud" computing these days, the option has come up as to whether "cloud" storage is really an option for the digital photographer. You know, so much data and too little time to back it all up.

I started experimenting with "cloud" storage over two years ago when Amazon introduced their Amazon S3 (Scalable Storage Service). It worked pretty cool. I was using the Jungle Disk software which was just in Beta at the time and all worked quite well.

Jungle Disk2The uploads could be quite long, but it seems that Amazon has eliminated that obstacle too - now you can send them a portable USB drive of your data and they will put it in the "cloud" for you… all perfectly safe.

Let me point you too Geoff Baehr's article at our buddies over at Geoff is a super geek guru who shoots with two of the really big digital guns - the Phase One P45 and Linhof M679cs and really had data storage issues to deal with. In his post right here he shares with you exactly how he does it.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. We are heading off to see the Pearl Harbor Memorial and maybe give Diamond Head a climb. See everybody tomorrow of another Technique Tuesday episode. See ya' then.  Aloha, -David


  1. Storing data in the cloud has lots of benefits, but they come with risks that need to be considered, too.

    What happens if the company you use goes out of business overnight?

    What happens if law enforcement asks the site owner to turn over images?

    What happens if a civil suit gets filed because the name of one of your images matches the name of a famous picture, movie or song? Will you have to fight it? (This is remote, since file names are not usually visible, but the risk isn't zero).

    Where, in the world, is the server that hosts your storage located? The laws of that state or country will govern a lot of these answers.

    Does the storage service have their own backup or disaster recovery plan (DRP)? How long will your data be unavailable if they have a fire or regional disaster?

    If your data is also on a server that some other customer uses for illegal content (child related or criminal conspiracy/terror) will it become embroiled in a legal mess? Even if you're a random victim of co-location, will you have to spend money defending yourself from guilt-by-association or even just protecting your assets from publication, destruction or other loss?

    While some of these risks are minimal, possibly even far-fetched, they are not insignificant. Before deciding to outsource your data storage and backup you really do need to think about these items. If you then decide that the risks are acceptable, fine. The only real mistake is to not consider them at all.

  2. Want to learn a new way to backup the data to S3? Try CloudBerry Backup. It is powered by Amazon S3 reliable and cost efficient storage. Unlike other vendors we have one time fee and no recurring charges. What safer place to keep your files than Amazon's servers?

  3. The DPT Flickr group was moderated as of this morning, in fact!

  4. C'mon David. You're in Hawaii. How about wearing some shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. My God you look like you're in Alaska.


  5. Hey David & LaDawn,

    There's a creative way to fight spam and do a good deed in the process. Your blog's CAPTCHA uses only one word, but reCAPTCHA uses two, which makes it more spam proof.

    However, the best thing about it is that it takes the typing people do and digitalize old books and newspapers with it (the CAPTCHA image is of actual text from a scanned book). I don't know how it works, but it's a great idea.

    Fight spam and digitalize books at the same time. Here's the link:

    hope that helps,