Monday, November 16, 2009

Quick Hit Monday: Great Marketing Blog; Film Photography For Weddings; Green Screen Fun; Mardi Gras 2010; and A Giggle For The Road

Good Morning Everybody,

Las Vegas This morning I,m coming to you from beautiful downtown Las Vegas. We spent the weekend getting things repacked for the last two cities of my DWUC tour, jumped on the plane early Sunday evening, arriving in Las Vegas three and a half hours later.  Yep, it was a long day, but I have to tell you, knowing that we are leaving for Honolulu tomorrow doesn't make it seem that bad ;~)

We've got a great crowd for this evening program with over 100 photogs planning to stop by. I'm looking forward to seeing everybody there this evening.  Hope you can make it too.

You know, when I'm traveling the way we've been for the last several months, email kind of gets put on the back burner till I can up for air over the weekend.  Don't get me wrong - all the urgent pieces get taken care of but the other items I save for a leisurely viewing later.

This time around I came across a few gems I thought I would pass on to you today.  Here we go.

MEI - Solid Marketing Advice For Your Business

MEI-SC Skip Cohen and I have been friends going back to the days when he was president of Hasselblad, Inc. He was also the CEO of WPPI for many years turning an already successful organization into a real powerhouse of training and knowledge. About 6 months ago, Ship struck out on his own and started Marketing Essentials International, better know as MEI.

He hosted "Skip's Summer School” in the middle of the summer and it was a big success.  He has already announced the speakers for next year.  Here is the link.  You just may want to mark your calendars now – I’m sure it will be another hit.

Anyway the reason for the notice today is this. At the same time Skip announced MEI, he kicked off his blog and has been posting nearly daily since his first post.  Skip is one of the sharpest guys I know.  That's why I wanted to point you towards his MEI blog right here.  The content has grown substantially over these last several months with several guest bloggers on board too and has become a rich resource for all photogs.

More Great Wedding Photography - And It's All Shot On FILM!!!

On November 6 I posted a story featuring 5 wonderfully talented wedding photographers.  Here is the link again. Tanja Lippert, one of the photographers I featured, posted a nice "thank you" in the comments section of that post. 

Keep Film Alive More importantly, it turns out, all of Tanya's shooting is done with film - who would of guessed in this day and age. Anyway, she asked me to check out her other site - [link].  OK, I was hooked - I headed over to see what was cookin' and was presented by a number of terrific images all shot by film photographers. The trip is definitely worth it so please check it out - I think you'll love the images, film and all.

Mardi Gras 2010 Romaguera Style

MArdi Gras 2010aA few weeks ago I posted a note about my buddy, Ralph Romaguera, wanting to get a group of photographers to join us in New Orleans, February 5-7, 2010. Mardi Gras Romaguera style is three days of intense fun and excitement. I known Ralph for many, many years so I guarantee he will make it a wonderful experience. Here is the link to all the Mardi Gras info.

Ralph has invited me to be part of the festivities for the last three years, that included riding the floats and throwing the beads. Convention commitments have kept be from attending, but not this time. This time I'm all in. So, if you would like to jump in on this Mardi Gras experience joining Ralph and I and lots of other celebration minded photogs, drop Ralph a note so he can reserve you a place.  You can contact Ralph right here.  Hope to see you there.

I Can't Believe It - Westcott Has Gone Green - Green Screen, That Is

Westcott Green Screen The folks at Westcott have been my buddies for years and were one of my Platinum sponsors for the DWUC tour, too.  Anyway, I was checking my mail over the weekend when  I discovered this notice about their new Green Screen product.  A green screen is a green background used in the television industry that allows the producer to show the announcer in front of just about anything - all very cool.

Well Westcott, just announced a price drop in their Green Screen product [link] - from $99 down to $69. What a deal1 the $69 cost includes the screen and the easy to use software.

Check out this very cute video presented by my friend Kelly as she shows you just how easy and fun their Green Screen product is to use.  Heck, with Christmas right around the corner, this might be the perfect "fun" gift for yourself. Here is the link to the video.

And Now, A Little "Giggle" For The Road

Sure we all shoot wedding party groups at every wedding every weekend.  This PG rated video [link] shows some of the groups we may be missing and may want to include in our next wedding shoot.

Hey gang, that's it for me today.  We are off to check boxes and begin set up for the program this evening. We fly Tuesday to Hawaii and have the last DWUC program there on Wednesday evening. Just a quick "heads up" on blogging times for the next 9 days. Since we will be in Hawaii over that time period which includes a 5 hour time change, look for the posting to be up much later in the day if you are an east coast reader. Heck, with LaDawn and I chillin' in Hawaii for the week, I'll be lucky to get it up at all ;~)

Hope to see lots of you this evening at the program - see ya' tonight.  -David


  1. Loved the class you gave in Vegas, looking forward to more classes here!!! Thank You!!

  2. Great class. Boy do you pack a lot into four hours. I think I won the best door prize, the HONL snoot and speed strap. It is something I was thinking about getting soon. Now I have it. THANKS!