Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Technique Tuesday: Just A Spot Of Color, Please; Marketing TeleSummit Back By Popular Demand

Good Morning Everybody,

We had another great turnout and exciting time for our second stop in Atlanta last night. We were stoked with about 165 excited photogs coming by to see the program.  I have to say, it was another pretty wild and wholly crowd. Must be the peaches around here. You know, that’s the official fruit of Georgia;~)

Even though tropical storm “Ida” is heading our way, the storm is not stopping us as we head to Birmingham, Alabama where we will be greeted by another crowd of over 150 photogs. Man, city #56 tonight, I can hardly believe  the tour is quickly coming to an end!

Joy Of Marketing TeleSummit Back Again

Telesummit photogs That’s right, Sarah Petty, the genius behind the fabulously informative and successful Joy of Marketing TeleSummit [link] has received so many requests for the  audio download of the TeleSummit that they are making it available for a very limited time for only $99.

As you recall, the TeleSummit was 16 hours of marketing creativity, insight, solid solutions to building your business success.  I had the honor of being included in with that great group of photographers.

You can get all the information on the Joy of Marketing TeleSummit right here.  If you missed it first time around this will be one more opportunity to catch the program. The complete 16 hour download will be only available for the next few weeks.

Just A Spot Of Color, Please

Like they say, “There’s more that one way to skin a cat.”  I personally know of no way to skin a cat myself – must have been my sheltered upbringin’  ;~)

Metaphorically speaking though, the same “cat skinning” thing is true for Photoshop and Lightroom.  Way back when, I posted a tutorial on how to add “spot color” to an image using Photoshop.  Here is that link.  Then a few months ago I showed how to do the same thing in a post entitled, “Lightroom in Reverse”. Here is that link too.

Spot Of Color Well, today I’m going to show you yet another very clever way to add “spot color” to your images. This technique is courtesy of Paul, one of my Master Class attendees a few weeks ago who pointed me towards the technique. – THANKS Paul.

In this tutorial I’ll show you how easily and accurately you can add “spot color” to an image using the color channels in Lightroom. This technique should probably be your first try when creating “spot color” images.  It’s benefit is in it’s accuracy in defining the outline of the object in which you want to retain the color like the red flowers in the image shown above.  Hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show.

Hey everybody, that’s it for me today.  The bags are packed and the van is loaded.  We are on our way to Birmingham, Alabama.  See ya’ tonight.  -David


  1. Do you recommend purchasing Lightroom and CS4 or could I get away with Lightroom only for my photography?

  2. great ! and so easy ))) is it possible to do same thing in Photoshop as well ?

  3. I liked the video showing how to do the spot coloring, a good bit easier than I have done in PS.

  4. @arjelia - I would strongly recommend starting with just Lightroom. You may well find that is all you need :)