Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Technique Tuesday: Taking The Perfect Portrait Every Time

Good Morning Everybody,

17mm Swing Tilt We had a pretty easy day in Cabo yesterday and are looking forward to the same relaxing time today.  Now a good time for me down here is usually “geeking” around with my buddy Kent on some new camera or tech gear. 

He’s borrowed a brand new 200mm F2.0 lens from our Canon rep and picked up Canon’s new ultra-wide (and ultra expensive) TS-E 17mm F/4L swing tilt lens. As LaDawn says, “Boys with their toys.”  You can watch a nice demo of it at B&H right here.  I’ll keep you posted as to any vacation observations we may have on these two lens.

Hey gang, I’ve got a great Technique Tuesday for you today.  You’re going to love it.  Here we go…

Getting The Perfect Portrait – And Perfect Expression Every Time

Kent and Sarah After arriving in Cabo on Sunday and getting settled in we headed out to dinner with our buddies, Kent and Sarah Smith.  I’ve mentioned many time before that Kent and Sara run a very successful studio in Columbus, Ohio [link] specializing in high school seniors and family portraits.

I’ve always said that if you get a chance to see them speak, definitely DON’T MISS THEIR PROGRAM.  You will get that opportunity at the Professional Photographers of America Imaging USA convention being held in Nashville, TN January 10-12 [link] and also at SPA – Senior Photographers Association January 4-6, 210 in San Diego [link].

Anyway, we were having dinner Sunday when I brought up the idea of them being my guests for this week’s Technique Tuesday episode.  We kicked around a few topics and settled on today’s very innovative topic.

One reason for Kent and Sarah’s success is their ability to capture the perfect shot every time – everybody looking into the camera, smiling, and looking great, even when the group includes several small children.  You want to see how they do it?  Sit back and relax and hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show.

Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  If you liked the lesson today, drop me a note in the comments section below and maybe I’ll be able to talk Kent and Sarah in to doing another Technique Tuesday for DPT.

Are those ocean waves I hear calling in the distance – it must be and the sound is ticklin’ all my beach pixels so I’m out of here.  See ya’ tomorrow with another Shootin’ Solution Wednesday. Adios, David


  1. Fantastic so simply but so good love it

    now where my nearest pet store :P


  2. Terrific group shot tip! Could also use Microsoft Research Group Shot to take some of the work out of the image editing labor. I'll be using this technique very soon. Thanks.

  3. What a great tip!! Thanks Kent, Sarah, and David!

  4. David, Kent and Sarah, thank you for this and I look forward to more collaborative tutorials. You guys knocked it out of the park!

  5. Wow, love the tutorial. Thanks David, Kent and Sarah. Hope to see more in the future. Take care.

  6. Such a great tip, thank you! (also, beautiful family image there!)

    I've been doing the head swap for awhile now, but never dawned on me about working on individuals within the group during the shoot like you did. It makes so much since though, and really should pump up the outcome even more than just trying to get the kids right from the distance back at the camera. Thanks for letting me see what I was missing in my technique!

  7. Nice - bring them back for more!

  8. Thanks David for bringing guests in your tutorial. What a great idea. I really appreciate your tutorials and have learnt a lot from them.

  9. Just what I needed. Thanks a bunch!

  10. Wow what a neat idea! David, Kent and Sarah, Thank you for the great technique, I would like to see them more.
    I'm going to the pet store tomorrow.