Thursday, November 19, 2009

"The Tourist"


"The Tourist"
©David A. Ziser

This is not a typical image I post on my DPT site, but the image still struck me as a special Hawaiian moment.  We were cruising the beach yesterday morning just checking out our surrounds after our grueling flight in the night before.  It was great to feel and breath in the fresh sea air and feel the warm sunshine.  I, as always had camera in tow.  We were heading back to the hotel to prepare for last night's program and I pointed my camera towards Diamond Head.  I had a outrigger in the foreground , the palm tree silhouetted in the sun and Diamond Head in clear view.  I lifted the camera to my eye to take the photograph just when this gentleman walked into the shot, stopped, and proceeded to shoot some video of whatever he had just found interesting.  I waited, and waited some more.  He just stood there almost frozen just shooting his video. After a moment, I realized I was MISSING the shot myself. His placement in the composition was perfect for my shot.  I was able to fire only two shots before he finally moved on.  I wish I had realized earlier that there was a great story telling image right before my eyes.  Anyway, after reviewing the images yesterday, I thought this one image really told the Hawaiian tourist story, hence the title.  Camera specs; Canon 7D fitted with 18-200mm lens at 19mm, F 22 @ 1/1250 second, ISO 500.  Enjoy!  -David


  1. Do you always name your photograph or just the good ones? Love the photo.

  2. Hope you have a nice vacation Dave,

  3. Hey david,

    your trip looks amazing! just wondering when you were planning to post your 2010 workshop schedule. I would love to attend one of your seminars!


  4. What a catch! The unexpected so many times turn out to be the quality "keeper"! Beautiful shot! Thanks for sharing!


  5. It's been a few weeks....
    Which camera do you like better?
    You shot this with the 7D 63 Zones...
    or do you like the 5D Mark II?

    Any answers to your darkness of the earlier pictures with the 7D? Was it the camera or Lightroom?

    Thanks for all the great Info!

  6. I see that you used the 7D for this photo.... so which do you like better? The 7D or the 5D Mark II?

    Do the 63 zones on the 7D work better?

    Did you ever figure out the problem of dark pictures on the 7D? Was it the 7D or Lightroom?

    Thanks for all the info you provide!