Friday, November 06, 2009

Inspiration Friday: 5 Wedding Photography Sites You Don’t Want To Miss!

Good Afternoon Everybody,

We wrapped city #54 of my 60 city DWUC tour last night.  I can’t believe the tour is nearly over.  We have had such a good time meeting all the people all across America – thank you all for all your support and very generous enthusiast remarks.

As we were driving to Atlanta yesterday, I commented to LaDawn about what we were going to do after we wrap the tour. Her quick response was, “Sleep”. The pace has been fairly hectic, but still a lot of fun.  People are already asking about 2010 – I’ll keep you posted.

Kevin Beasley I starting this post in the Atlanta airport waiting to board a plane back to Cincy. Back home on Friday, shoot a wedding on Saturday, then back on the plane Sunday to Atlanta for Monday’s program – yep, another busy weekend!

After I land, I’m doing what we call a site survey for tomorrow’s shooting locations.  The client is wanting outdoor photographs. If the weather is willing we should be able to get some good shots.  Look for a few of them in next week’s posts.

But for now, let’s get on with today’s post.

5 Wedding Photography Sites You Don’t Want To Miss!

You know it’s been a while since I’ve done an Inspiration Friday post.  If you’ve been following the DPT blog, I’ve mentioned that I was reviewing several websites for a special project I was working on.  I’ll be able to give you more info soon.

Alex and Tiffany Anyway, in the process of looking at such a large number of site, several offered some standout images.  Today I’d like to share five of those sites with you. Images from the sites are seen throughout today’s post and linked back to the photographer’s website.

Here we go…

1. Bevin Beasley [link] – This is one of the most unusual collection of images I have seen.  That’s all I’m saying – you have to go check it out.

Liliya Gorlanova2. Liliya Gorlanova [link] – No music, but still quite fun. Look through several images to find the gems.

3 Life Images [link] – Alex and Tiffany Albojer have taken some of the nicest stylized images I’ve seen – definitely worth the cruise through their site.

Tatiana Garanina2 4. Tatiana Garanina [link] – Another stunning set of images – extremely creative photography.

5. Tanya Lippert [link]– Wow!  What a nice sense of fashion, line, color and composition.  It’s just a joy to sit and watch her slide show portfolios.

Tanya Lippert I hope you have time to explore these sites over the weekend.  There’s some really inspiring imagery there. I still think it’s always a kick to look at great wedding photography.  It’s about the best way in the world to give your own creativity a kick in the you know what and really get those “brain juices” flowing.

Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  I’m back on the ground in good ole’ Kentucky  - got to get those batteries charging – mine included.  I’ll see everybody on the flip side next week back in Atlanta.  Have a great weekend.  Adios,  -David


  1. Awesome links. All saved as favorites. As a wedding photographer it's always nice to get some great inspiration. Keep up the great work you do.

  2. Great list of wedding photography websites. Thanks for compiling this.

  3. Some amazing photogrphaers, some amazing work...Of course next time you might want to include hmmm say David Ziser.

  4. Thanks david for thinking of us!!!!

  5. Hi David,

    Tanja Lippert here, thank you so much for posting this, I am so glad you enjoy my work and felt it worthy of this blog post!!! NICE!!! you should check out my film blog at if you have not had the chance to already! Have a great week!

    Tanja Lippert