Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Technique Tuesday: Wow! It Sure Didn't Look Like That To Me

Good Morning Everybody,
We are off and running bright and early today. We need to be out the door in less than an hour but I wanted to get today's tutorial up before we headed out to my presentation. So many people say; "Get it (the image) right in the camera." Well, sometimes, I say baloney! Sometimes getting it right in Lightroom or Photoshop is so much quicker.

I'm talking about using your creativity efficiently. The software tools we have today add a tremendous amount of efficiency to the creative process. In today's digital world, we need to modify the perception of getting it right in the camera with a new creative strategy. Determine which way is most efficient time-wise in getting to your final result, then take the path of least resistance.

Never set aside a golden image opportunity at the expense of getting it right in the camera. Today's cameras coupled with today's technology software make it a kick to get exactly what you want quickly and easily. Creativity is not a - get it right in the camera - one way street. Check out this video to see what I mean.

Hey, gang, sorry for the rush out of here but I've got to go. See everybody tomorrow - same time, same place. -David


  1. > So many people say; "Get it (the image) right in the camera." Well, sometimes, I say baloney!

    Yiiihah !! Thank you for putting that in black and white, David.

    Getting it right in the camera is a laudable aim, but in reality, you've often got to go with what you've got at that precise moment, or lose it forever.

    [The smallprint: This is NOT an endorsement of laziness or of bad practice.]

  2. Ok, you've convinced me. I've got to spring for the upgrade and get lightroom.
    Were you working with the RAW or JPEG to get those results?

  3. Great job David!

    You just gotta love Lightroom 2! :) I now use it for 80% of my post processing.

  4. As always I enjoy your technique videos. A small suggestion if I may.

    At the end of your video, when you do the before and after, command/control click the two images you are going to compare, hit "tab" to hide your panels and then "c" to compare. This way we can see both images on the screen at the same time with maximum space. Just a thought to enhance your excellent presentation.

  5. I think efficiency is a key attribute here. A great blog post by Allen Murabayashi (PhotoShelter) on being successful in photography makes that point from a business perspective rather than a purist perspective, which may be a less controversial argument.


  6. If we have to get it right in a Photoshop program, then I don't thinkwe should call it photography but Photoshopiery.

  7. Steve & Nancy Masters10:48 AM, October 10, 2008


    Thanks for the GREAT lesson - Lightroom 2.0 saves so much time delivering those special moments back to the client. Your effort are greatly appreciated as the Master Class keeps paying dividends!

  8. David,

    Is there a way to 'spot darken' the sky like that using CS3? I don't have lightroom, but do have CS3. I'm just a hobbiest photog, so don't feel the need for Lightroom, but would love an easy recipe for darkening the skys are various parts of an image.