Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Into The Light"
© David A. Ziser

I made this image during our flight home from New York last Saturday. We had to travel through Detroit which has completed a brand new airport - and, boy, is it a cool airport. Walking through the long corridor connecting two of the terminals was a kick and kind of reminiscent of the walk to the United terminal at O'Hare airport. I managed to pull off this shot while there were not too many people in the scene. It was mid-day Saturday and travel traffic was down a bit for the weekend. The challenge was timing the lights just right to get the beautiful rich colors I wanted to capture in the final image. I don't mind the slight blur of the travellers, in fact I think it adds a sense of motion to the scene. Anyway, I hope you like the urban landscape captured here. Canon 40D Fitted with 18-200mm IS lens at 18mm, F 3.5 @ 1/25 second, ISO 500. Enjoy! -David


  1. David, this is simply a wonderful picture you've made. Amazing!!!!! Any chance you will make a "gallery" print available. I'm collecting these and hanging them from photographers I love and respect.I've just begun this.
    Wonderfully done.

  2. P.S. I've noticed that you use and enjoy the 40D quite a bit. I actually sold my 5D for the 40D for the simple reason that the Dynamic Range is by far richer and wider.
    I feel that is is much more important, unless you are shooting large prints and high glamour then the megapixel sell. I'd love to see you do a blog / video and the Dynamic Range benefit and what to look for when shopping.

  3. Super neat David. The cool tone really fits here. So dramatic.


  4. This is awesome David. It reminds me of the ice castle's in Finland. Would also be very interested in a gallery print of this image. I love the fact it's the feature shot of my hit. Take care, Crash

  5. I like the cool blue of this shot. I live in the Detroit area so I've been to this airport a few times. The tunnel is supposed to be soothing and they play new age music and your color tone matches that feeling.

    A year ago I was there and took a similar shot, but with a completely different interpretation. I posted it on my blog for those who are interested.

  6. Here's my take.

    It's a great tunnel and a great photo op!