Monday, October 13, 2008

Quick Hit Monday: 668 Free Things; Oh, What I Wish I Would Have Said, Lightroom/Photoshop Classes, and Saving My Ear

Good Morning Everybody,
We made it through a very busy weekend and this week looks to be a continuation of the same going full speed ahead - pedal to the metal. Jason, Kelby Training's ace #1 videographer arrived yesterday. The plan is to complete my first five Kelby Training videos for the year and get a good start on the next set. My team has been organizing churches, parks, gowns, and models for our three day shoot. Stay tuned this week and I'll keep you posted on our progress. One thing for sure - no alligators in the Cincy are ;~)

How about some quick news. David Cross, one of the Photoshop Guys (PhotoshopUser TV) started a series on his blog called, "Complete The Sentence." It's kind of a neat peek into what his guest "Sentence Finishers" think about in a very general sentence. It's a nice series. My "Completed Sentences" hit his blog last Friday. You can give them a read right here. Others who have "Finished The Sentence are; Jasmine Star, John Paul Caponigro, Scott Kelby, and Eddie Tapp. You can find all their "Finished Sentences" right here. Thanks, Dave for letting me help "Finish The Sentence."

If you haven't check in lately with fellow blogger Jason Moore's blog lately, it's always worth a peek. One of my favorite posts on Jason's blog is his P&P Weekly Blog Roll right here.

He scours the Internet for all things interesting relating to Photography and Photoshop. There is always a gem or two in the listing. One of my absolute favs this time around was Jason's link to 31 Good Resources For Photographers.

I did a quick count of how many free things those resources listed and came up with 668 items! There is some really good stuff here from Rain tutorials, text effects, web design, and on and on. I guarantee you will find something you can use. Here is the link right here.

Hey, before I wrap up, let me point you to DigitalProTalk reader Gavin Phillips Lightroom/Photoshop 2-day workshop coming up November 10-11 in the Chicago area. He is even including 6 sets of creative actions and a ton of videos in the tuition. Check Gavin's program out right here.

And lastly, before I leave you today, I'm loving the comments submitted by DPT readers. But I'm sad to say that I am lamenting the fact that some our our DigitalProTalk readers and commenter's are not big fans of my "Blue" series of images these last few weeks. It's like a knife through my heart - my creativity; my vision; yes, even my soul thrust to the ground and trampled upon - oh, the pain.

Picasso had his "Blue period". So did Monet, Matisse, & Cezanne. Don't you think David Ziser deserves a "Blue period?" I guess not. Some of my readers want me locked into the mediocre world of bright colors, hum-drum rainbows, and bridesmaids gown colors of the 70's, but I say; "NO! Not Yet!" I'm not ready to re-enter that full color spectrum world just yet. I may just choose to languish in the backwaters of B&W for a while. But no, that doesn't work for me either. For it is the spark that begets the fire; the fire the inferno; the inferno that begets the creative explosion of a new world of images which will NOT be discarded so easily!
I love my "Blue period" and so do others. Sales of Brinkman Dual Xenon flashlights are going through the ceiling as more and more creative photographers explore the exciting blue frontiers! I'm getting "goosebumps" just thinking about it. My ear, my ear - should I... should I.... c_ - pull a Van Gogh and do the same ? Wait, what's that I hear - it's the door bell, it's Jason ready to start shooting video. Reality in check. Looks like we are off to shoot some more videos - my ear saved for another day;~)

Hey gang, that's it for me today. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for Technique Tuesday: Underexposure - How Far Can You Go. And, hang in there lovers of blue, for they will return;~) See ya' tomorrow. -David


  1. Good morning David,
    I checked out the iPortrait program after you mentioned it in Dave's Finish the Sentence.
    Do you still feel it is a necessity with Lightroom being able to do the same thing?
    They have a sale today and I am willing to spend the money if it is still worthwhile if I use Lightroom.

  2. Absolutely you deserve a "Blue period." When you are doing your extraordinary wedding photography, you probably need to please your customers. When it is not for pay (and when you reach your level, maybe even if it is for pay), you get to please yourself; that is part of the joy of photography. Jack

  3. A couple things.
    #1. iCorrect is one click, in lightroom it's a trial and error per situation thing.
    #2. I woudl have expected Noise Ninja.
    #3. Blue Period... who cares! Now it's blue in a week you'll be on to something even cooler with that piece of info perfected and ready to throw out when the need should arise!

  4. Hi David, thanks for fixing the link from the other day. I find your approach to lens choice very refreshing - having been a slavish seeker of 'L' series and fast lens. Your photos are proof that you know your stuff and have much to share of value. As for the 'blue', way to go!!! I'm all for creative experimentation - especially when the clients buy it :) One question as I finish. Did you ever consider the Canon 28-300 IS as a possibility on a 5D given it's range. Cheers, David