Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Technique Tuesday: Saving The Image Part 2 - Using A New Twist

Good Afternoon Everybody,
Hey, everybody, thanks for all the well wishes yesterday. Things are all back up and running and everything pretty much back to normal around here. We are trying to tie up the loose ends before heading to NYC for PhotoPlus Expo. Hey, look us up if you are going to the show.

Saving The Image Part 2 - Using A New Twist
Different exposure problems call for different strategies in solving the problem. I have the same image saved in JPEG and RAW format. Each file demands a different strategy to get the best result.

I'll tackle the JPEG first and then head over to the RAW file where today we are going to save the image in question with a new twist to dodging and burning. I'm going to use the Gradient Tool in Lightroom.

There are some situations - like the one I am going to show you - where this is a perfect fit in solving an exposure problem. You be the judge as to the best result. Hit the Play Button below for the rest of the story.

Hey gang, after the weekend adventures, we are playing catch up around here so I'm wrapping early. Enjoy the tutorial and I'll see you tomorrow. -David


  1. Another great video with which I agree completely.

    The first job I processed with LR2 was shot mostly with on-camera flash and in a crowded drinking establishment which was a little like shooting in a cave. I soon discovered that the graduated filter tool was worth the cost of the upgrade.

  2. All I see is the image of CS3. I do hear your voice.

  3. Dave YOU ROCK! Thanks for showing me WHY I need to upgrade to LR 2.2! I LOVE that gradient tool, Matt K., talked about it and now I got to see it, so I AM SOLD, too bad you don't get a cut!

  4. Dave you are the greatest. But... here RAW RULES. I can shoot the wedding in RAW and fix exposure and save TIFF or JPEG for future work. Yes I'm not too crazy about the 200 GB of files but HD's are cheap today and you only get one crack at a wedding. I'am not sure if there is any advantage to TIFF over JPEG once exposure/WB is corrected.