Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Technique Tuesday: Underexposure - Ressurecting An Image From The Dead!

Good Morning Everybody,
Today we have my last tutorial on underexposure - it's a practically invisible image that we will resurrect from the dead pulling out all the stops - or rather adding a bunch more stops to the exposure. This image was made by an associate photographer at a recent wedding. Although we had a good exposure of the same people at the reception, this image shows just how much life there is in a poor little JPEG. It also shows the power of RAW in salvaging underexposed images. Both RAW and JPEG's can be further enhanced with additional noise reducing software tools at our disposal. I'll feature NIK's Dfine 2.1 in this tutorial. Anyway, to see an image rise from the dead, please hit PLAY below. Enjoy!

Hey everybody, that's it for me today. Don't forget to leave me a wedding story or two. You just might win that $50 gift certificate from B&H. I'll see everybody tomorrow. Adios, -David
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  1. David, you showed a blur tool and Gaussian blur tool. Do you have a tutorial on these? Thanks
    Dr David Jones

  2. David, thanks for the video. I need to add some noise reduction software to my wishlist. - Steve

  3. Amazing. I too have got to get some noise reduction software. Not that I would ever need it with a 5D MkII.