Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quick Hit Wednesday: Crash Taylor, Great Videos Again, and Free Pics

Good Morning Everyone,
And welcome to quick hit Wednesday, a day that is a cornucopia of news, excitement, and just some good information. OK, I was getting a little carried away here, but I really do have some good stuff to tell you about, so let's get to it...

Crash Taylor - Wedding Photographer:
First of all, about two weeks ago I received an email from Crash Taylor, a great wedding photographer from Great Britain. You have got to check out his site right here - very inspirational. He started this series of profiles of passionate photographers from around the world. I was humbled by the fact that he wanted to include me in his series.

Anyway, you can read my profile right here, I'm also inviting you to read the others he has on-line. These are in depth discussions with these photographers which give the reader a wonderful peek into the creative mind - well worth the trip - here is the link. Hey, while you are cruising across the Atlantic, check out more of Crash's wedding photography right here - he has some beautiful, truly great images to view - and the guy's only been photographing weddings a few years! High fives to our man of the day, Crash Taylor.

Canon 5D Mark II Videos:
OK, what's the latest on the Canon 5D Mark II videos? Well dear readers, it brings me great joy to tell you Vincent Laforet's not to be missed video, "Reverie" is back on line at the Canon Site right here. While up at PhotoPlus Expo, I was told about Bruce Dorn's video too. It's wedding based and again is very well done. Here is the link to Bruce's video. Wait, there's more. I also found this post available at Luminous-Landscape. Mr. Reichmann, gives us an intro about the convergence of the technology which he is calling "Combo-Cams". He wraps the video right here with some nice footage created in very low light on one Canadian morning. It too is worth the peek.

Jerry Ghionis' New I.C.E. Society Site:
I took a little time to browse Jerry's site a bit more these last few days and must share that I discovered the site to include some great, emotionally driven images there. Jerry has a wonderful way in which he uses light, even the desert sun which I saw in a Las Vegas segment. He never seems hampered by any situation but always manages to squeeze out the best shot in some impossible situations.

Jerry also has a wonderful eye in putting together exciting compositions, some dramatic, some simple but still very evocative. He always seems to know right where to place the subject in a simple or complex setting. I love too how he brings different lighting textures into his shots, whether they were on the background on even on the subject.

I have to say, I really enjoyed my first visit to Jerry's I.C.E Society site and plan a return visit soon. I would definitely check it out and watch his intro video - be sure to watch the entire video - it will give you a good idea of how he sees, what he sees, and the manner in which he brings it all together. You get all the info on Jerry's I.C.E Society right here - definitely worth the peek.

Free Pictures!
I was cruising PC World magazine last week and came across a story discussing the big drop in print prices on several of the photo printing sites around the net. Here is the link to the first piece on the subject right here. That's a far cry form the prices of 1999 [link]. Heck, I was paying $1.50 for a 4x5 to my lab at the time - boy, have things changed in 9 years! In the followup article which I haven't seen on their site yet, they even mentioned a site that was printing all 4x6's for FREE, and get this, that includes Free Storage and FREE SHIPPING! Here is the link to right here.

It sounds too good to be true, but I do see that the site is in BETA. It looks like the principals behind the site have a lot on the ball, so who knows, maybe there really is such a thing as a free lunch. Me, I waiting till the prices drop even more, like they pay me $.05 to even print my pics - OK, just kidding.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. Have a great one and I'll see you for a really good Business Day Thursday tomorrow: Nickel, Dime, or Dollar Approach To Selling. See you then, -David


  1. nice videos on the canon. Nice post, David.

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing the ICE Society link. Its a great website and I really got hooked onto it for about 3-4 hours. Plan to subscribe to their tutorials which looks like a good investment to me.

    I'm a Photographer from India, I really like your blog and the entries are really inspiring and informative. I got your link from Scott's Blog and now I do try and visit your site almost everyday! Keep up the good work and keep writing :)