Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Worldwide Webcast PhotoPro Expo 2012 Print Competition Re-Broadcasting Today!

Good Afternoon Everybody,

PPE Print Comp Streaming LiveSo many requests, so little time! Print Competition is  the best way to learn how to compose a better image.  It was a huge influencing factor when I first started my business years ago.  When you raise the bar on your own work, it raises the bar on your client work, too – a WIN-WIN for everybody!

So today is the BIG day – I’m re-running the afternoon session of our worldwide webcast of our PhotoPro Expo 2012 Print Competition – about 3 1/2 hours long.  I know it sounds like a long time but just watch it on your iPad while doing your regular work as so many did during our broadcast.

During the broadcast, my good friend and very successful studio owner, Ralph Romaguera, and I commented wherever we could to bring more clarity to the various aspects of print competition.  Said differently, we did kind of a “play-by-play” of the print competition. This recording has great information.  Don’t miss it.

In spite of the few bugs we encountered, it was a huge hit with our viewers.  I haven’t completed the final count, but the webcast was watched by nearly 400 people is dozens of countries worldwide!  Today is your chance to be part of the fun!

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A Few Comments From The “LIVE” Worldwide Audience

"Got to tell you that was wonderful ... loved the whole process.  Thank you for doing it. I watched most of the day off and on."  Dave J.

WorldwideWebcast5"I watched the web cast all day on my iPad2. While not full screen, the photos had great resolution and accurate colors.  Had the iPad in landscape mode below my monitor while setting up a photo order.  I carried it around the house with me, and was able to keep up with the judging where ever I went.

Using the Apple HDMI adapter, I ran the video through my plasma mv while on the recumbent bike.  The video quality was excellent.
I learned a lot.  It was a great success."
  Ed M.

"The webcast was great - listening to the challenges was awesome for learning what the judges look for and consider when assigning  ratings.  Nice job for being the first time."   Patti D.

Desicions"I totally love the idea of showing the print judging. Anyone wanting to learn about photography owes it to themselves to attend these types of events and I always encourage my students to attend the local association judging. Thank you so much for doing this."  Len G.

"Thanks for sponsoring that amazing webinar!   I was glued to the screen for about 1/2 of the time but if I'd realized how good it was going to be, I would have rescheduled all my appointments for the day and just focused on it!  I did get to watch about 1/2 of it on and off through the whole day and had some other people watching with me and they loved it too.

I love print competitions, I just don't get to go to enough of them.  I found myself trying to anticipate the judges score and most of the time I got within two points.  Sometimes,  I was way off, but it made it way more fun!"   Kevin and Tammy B.

"I am convinced watching any competition helps improve my shooting and I hope your example is followed by other states.  Cheers."  Rick

"Thank you for setting up this wonderful experience! I learned so much from the judges comments and what qualities they were looking for to make an exceptional image! I just loved that opportunity!

Time To LearnThank you again, it was a real treat and fantastic teaching tool. I appreciate you and all your training through you seminars and blogs!!!"  Brenda

"I really enjoyed viewing and listening to the print competition yesterday.  I listened to the whole thing on my laptop while I worked at my regular job.  It was very helpful and informative.  As the prints came up, I began to try and give my own print score to see how it compared with the judges. 

Sometimes I was right on and other times I was way off and I could not understand how they arrived at the score. (When they did not discuss a challenge.)  I studied all of the prints and also how they were cropped and matted.  This all was extremely interesting.

Print Comp2

I hope that you can do this again and more often.   I also appreciate all of the time that you spend to pass on your valuable experience to others.  Thanks."  Fred

Enjoy the Re-broadcast Everybody

I couldn’t get the project to render in Camtasia today.  It was just too large a file and crashed the computer twice. I’ve uploaded the raw footage of the webcast without my intro and exit clips. At least you’ll get the idea. Hope that works for you. Sorry I couldn’t get it posted the way I wanted for our DPT readers. I’ll work on it some more when I get some more time.

It’s not perfect but still good content. -David

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Hey gang, that’s it for me today. I’m working on a few ideas for my Photoshop World program coming up in a few weeks, March 24-26, 2012 in Washington D.C.  Still lots to do before we leave for WPPI this coming Saturday.  May your Valentine’s Day be filled with LOVE, LUCK and a ton of LAUGHTER!!

Have a great rest of the day and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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