Friday, September 28, 2007

"Flower Dance"
© David A. Ziser

I made this image in Niagara Falls a number of years ago. I love the strong color and composition. It is now part of our new Fine Art series of images. Enjoy --David


  1. hi .. i came across your blog through google i was searching on HRD images, it's very informatics blog that makes me ask u a question i need an expert answer in it

    i wanna buy a camera for videos & photos
    but i dont understand how to pick a good cam i dont understand about the mega pixels or optical zoom
    some cameras give u dark videos or photos at night and so on i need a realistic photos or videos at least looks the way u see it in real by ur eyes ... i know this is too long but i'm hoping to find some answers at you
    thank u soo much

  2. Hi Tota,
    There are a gazillion resources on the net to help you select a camera. But what is your budget and use? Check our for starters. Once you decide those points you can move to the next step - buying the camera.

  3. Thank u David, now I’m lost already :)
    I will give myself the liberty to ask you about the cam, once I chose one