Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wiped Out Wednesday

Good Morning Everybody,
It was a long, full, informational, picture packed day for everyone yesterday as we finished the second day of our Digital Master Class. One of the highlights of the day was giving away some of the door prizes so generously donated by our sponsors. We have over $1200 worth of wonderful door-prizes we are giving away this week. A great BIG thanks to Colorvision for the Spyder 2 Pro, NIK for their Color FX program and image enhancement books, Neil Enterprises for their peel and stick albums and Scott Tallyn for a lot of the Canon goodies. Instead of hitting news today, I thought I would walk you through some of the images we did yesterday - so here we go.


  1. David,

    Had a great time at school!. Thank you very much.

    By the way, what are the components to put together with the flash "thing" Quantum lighting setup??

    Thank you for a great class


  2. Hi Ken,
    I use a Quantum T5D-R flash head with a Quantum 2x2 battery pack. Attached to the flash head is a FreeWire FW7Q receiver. I also use a FW8R receiver attached to a room light - usually a White Lighting. I have a FreeWire FW9T velcroed to my Canon 580EX flash and wired right into the camera. Check out the Quantum link for more info.- I use an inexpensive 36" umbrella to shoot thru and a standard light stand where necessary.
    There you go.
    Regards, David