Tuesday, September 18, 2007

" A Walk In the Park"
© David A. Ziser Photography

This is one of the images we made at the workshop yesterday in Columbus. When we pulled into the estate, I loved the trees I saw at the entrance. I knew I wanted to have the model surrounded by the beautiful color of the trees. I positioned her quite a bit down the road with me even further down the road. Using the Canon EOS 1D Mark III fitted the Canon's 70-300 D/O lens set at 165mm, I was able to compress the scene (and trees) to get the look I wanted. The off camera (directional) light was supplied by my Quantum T5d flash being fired remotely by the Quantum Freewire radio control. I balanced the Quantum "keylight" with the ambient to create the beautiful "direction of light" on the bride making her really "project" out of the background. The exposure was made at F6.3 at 1/250 second at ISO 200.

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