Friday, September 28, 2007

Thank You, Noah

Finally we got some rain in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area yesterday - we have had near zero accumulation for about 12 weeks - and the hottest days on record to boot. Anyway, yesterday the rains hit along with a lot of thunder and lightning. I remember seeing an article on how to photograph lightning by Ed Zawadzki over at F1.0. It was a good piece. Here is the Lightning photography link. Just read down the page a bit to find the article. In an update to that article Ed also posted a link that shows how to create a "Lightning" trigger for your camera. It looks a bit complicated to me - but for the intrepid "lightning" photographer shooter, it may be just what you need. Here is the "Lighting How-To" link. Hey, good reading for a rainy day afternoon. F1.0 has a lot of good articles - so check it out.


  1. Hey David - Ed here, Glad you liked the article! Just wanted to let you know for some reason the link in your post doesn't seem to go to the right place... anyway the permalink for the article is:

  2. Hi Ed,
    You were in the process of updating you site at the time and I guess I pulled a wrong page, but all is good now. Thanks for the note. --David