Thursday, September 27, 2007

Questions, Questions, Questions...

Our readers also post questions occasionally about a certain image, technique, etc. I'm happy to provide the best answer I can, so feel free to ask. Leo asked if yesterday's post - "More Curves Along the Way" was only one light source? The answer is yes. The bride was near the bottom of the steps and there was no room to maneuver an umbrella into place. So I asked Jeff, my student Assistant on the shoot to just bounce the flash off the nearest pillar. The flash head was pretty close to the pillar, due to our very tight quarters, which created a fairly small "light source" illuminating the bride. Hence the harsher "shadow edge accutance". Doesn't that sound teckky!! It just means that the size of the light source relative to it's distance to the subject controls how the softness or hardness of the shadow's edge will fall upon the subject. Since our flash created a smaller than usual bounced light on the wall - the lighting on our subject becomes a bit more dramatic or harsher on our bride. Check out the accompanying image - I even added the approximate size of the bounce flash in the following illustration. (Yep, that's me "chimpin" the shot too.)

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