Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Gourmet's Delight - Footnote

No better chili anywhere - that's what we say here in Cincinnati anyway. Please no emails here ;~) One of the regional food flavors in this part of the country is, believe it or not, Cincinnati chili. It's not the ordinary kind of chili most of of us think about when you mention chili. Skyline chili has a special set of ingredients that makes it really unusual. Click here for all the delicious details about Cincinnati chili. At my Master Classes, we generally spend one meal at Skyline Chili, just so the class can taste "chili Nirvana." We always get the "looks" when 20 of us walk in including our bride and groom in full wedding attire - good for a "giggle" and a good time. Sorry, I digress - back to pictures. OK, wait, one more thing - here is a recipe for the chili right here - Now, back to the pictures.

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