Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Blue Boy"
David A. Ziser Photography
One of my favorite and most lasting images I have ever taken over the years. I remember trying to get "Mr. Nicholas" to smile and he just would have nothing of it. Even his dad was tying to coax him from behind my camera - still no luck. He finally pushed his hands into his pockets and pouted back. I hit the shutter, and knew I had the shot. Nicholas is now in his mid twenties and has his own little "ring bearers" running around the house.


  1. I can see why you treasure this picture...fantastic.

  2. I started at the first entry in your blog and plan on working my way through them all. Besides saying, "Thank you for all the great information," I'd like to say I'd REALLY appreciate it if you can tell us how you set up the images you post. Where the light was located, what equipment was used, where it was placed, camera settings, post processing, etc...

    I just ordered two of your DVD courses and am looking forward to watching them.