Monday, September 10, 2007

More Cool News with NYC Views

And You Thought 22 Megapixels Was Big
John Nack, one of the all time Photoshop gurus had this really, really interesting piece over at his blog. He posted a link to a - get this - a 13 GIGAPIXEL image of Harlem, New York. You can navigate the image, zoom super close. It is truly amazing - check out the image here. Check out the entire story at John's blog right here.

Smoke Sculpture Photography:
This piece caught my attention because I had seen some similar images by a photographer in Indiana about two years ago, but these images are just outstanding. I stumbled on them over at F1.0's site. They were produced by Mehmet Ozgur. Check out the images here. Amazing!

Lighting For Commercial Applications:
Here is a nice article on commercial lighting published by my friends over at Rangefinder Magazine. It was also written by Linda May, whom I just finished an article with last evening. More on that later. Anyway, this piece gives you some good insights as to how to get it right on your next commercial shoot. Here is the link. It's a down loadable PDF so print it out and give it a read.

Freebie of the Day - Wondershare iPod Slideshow:
Here is the description - Wondershare iPod Slideshow is an innovative and easy-to-use tool to show off your imagination and create your entertaining slideshows on iPod. Tons of dazzling transitions & Ken-burns styled effects, powerful photo/video editing, various photo/video formats to iPod mp4 files converting, and the program’s simplified three-step workflow enables you to make show-n-tell custom movies for enjoying easily on the go! Click here for the link.

Meridian iPod Dock Upscales Video to 1080p:
Hot on the heels of the Freebie of the Day News comes news of Meridian's new iPod dock. It lets you res them up to 1080p for presentation on your big screen TV. Does this have the same "ring" as giant shrimp? Anyway, that's it for today.

See everyone tomorrow, All the Best -- David

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