Thursday, September 13, 2012

Where In The World Is David Ziser?!

EarthHi Everybody,

I know that I've been MIA the last few days here DigitalProTalk. I have to tell you, we are just buried with work around here. With our upcoming two month trip – we leave next Tuesday evening – we have simply been buried up to our eyeballs with projects that we need to complete for our clients. The biggest project is a six volume wedding order that we're trying to get up to Zookbinders before we leave. The client wants the album's for Thanksgiving so are doing everything in our power to make that happen for them.

That huge project plus just pulling everything together for the trip has been a tremendous undertaking around here. I've also been meeting with all of my clients this week to be sure that we have all the holiday orders queued up for them when we return.

I had a make the decision – what was more important? Getting the blog up on a daily basis or being sure that I had my clients covered while we were gone. I chose the latter – hence my absence from the blog this week. By the time next Tuesday rolls around, I'm sure hoping that everything is back on track and I can get back to my regular blogging schedule.

I really appreciate your patience and the patience of all of our DigitalProTalk readers out there in this super busy and stressful time for LaDawn and I. If you can hang in here with me for the next few days, I promise to hang in there with you once we get all the projects behind us.

Thanks for your understanding in this matter, David

p.s. Don't give up on me completely this week.I might get a little breathing room over the weekend get a few post up for you. Anyway,once againthanks for your patienceand your support.

I'll see you soon, David


  1. Nothing a good interview with Scott on Nik radio can't solve to fill the void.
    Just listened to it - good stuff.

  2. Thanks for the update, David! As much as we love DigitalProTalk, you and LaDawn have a business to run and clients who are depending on you. Keep up the great work!