Friday, December 18, 2009

Frantic Friday: So Can I Pull It Off?

Good Late Afternoon Everybody,

Africa2You know, some days you get the lion an some days the lion gets you.  Today was the latter.  My well laid plans to do a post on fine art photography, canvas wrapping, and certificates of authenticity has completely gone out the window for today.

Here what's going on.  Yesterday things were just "peachy" here at the studio. Nearly everything was delivered to our clients, we had wished our "Merry Christmas's" to the team - yesterday was the last day for most of the staff till after the holidays - and I was ready to settle in on getting my article ready for the upcoming Photoshop World.

Well, then the dam "busted" loose.  I got a call yesterday afternoon from one of our best clients.  Here was the request - if they supply us the images, can we design, print, and have an album custom bound with a custom silver title plate on the cover by next Thursday evening, NEXT Thursday – less than 7 days from now! 

The unedited images were still on the client's computer - we wouldn't receive them till 7:00 p.m. The finished album will contain about 150/200 images from the unedited 1600 images. Hey, don't you love a challenge? Of course, I said yes! Needless to say LaDawn was ready to shoot me.

We did get the images last evening and planned to edit the images this morning so we could get the project underway.  Then another call this morning at about 11 a.m. from my client….could she assist in the edit?  She could get here about 2 p.m. I again said yes and said I would see her around 2 p.m.

Africa1By 4 p.m. we had completed a very rough first edit. Over the weekend, I need to tweak the images in Lightroom and Photoshop.  LaDawn needs to design the album and all the images need to be printed by Monday.

The album company needs to ship the custom album by next Tuesday so we have it by Wednesday.  We will permanently mount all the images on Thursday and deliver the album later that afternoon. Hey, nothing to it, right?  NOT, it's taking a lot of split second timing over the next 5 days from LaDawn and myself, and a couple very dedicated vendors, Zookbinders for one, to pull it off. But we will and their 3 week vacation album will look great.

Album2 You know, it's these kind of projects that are kind of fun to see if you can pull it off, knowing of course that you have to, you will, and the client will know who to call for the next impossible project.  Hey, it's all part of the Holiday rush ;~)

And speaking of the Holiday rush, I'm putting on the breaks right now, and pouring myself an adult beverage.  Everybody have a great weekend and I'll see you on, hopefully a much slower moving Monday. As I wonder off I ponder, “.....uhmmm, what am I going to decorate the tree with this year - the white pixels or the multi-color pixels;~) “

Have a great weekend everybody,  -David


  1. Here's the question I have: do you charge for the rush or smile and say "All in a day's work" knowing they'll remember you next time?

  2. David, I'm impressed at your enthusiasm and attitude of seeing this as a challenge rather than an annoyance.

  3. Looking for the proper hot shoe umbrella braket to use with david's cheap lighting. Looking at B&H which one is it????