Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Technique Tuesday: Fun At The Beach

Westin Sunset Good Morning Everybody,

One more day in beautiful Jan Jose del Cabo and then back home late tomorrow. Looks a “rude awaking” to the Cincy weather when we return too – 18 degrees and snow, but heck, who cares?  It just means that Christmas season is in the air. 

It will be good to get back and get back in the swing of things with the holidays right around the corner.

But how can I prolong the warm summerlike weather that we have here in Cabo? Simple, with today’s Technique Tuesday ;~) So, here we go.

Fun At The Beach

Beach DancerToday’s Technique Tuesday was on it’s way to being about 2 days long.  I had lots of images and lots of techniques I pulled together for my beach shoot last week so, for your viewing pleasure,  I decided to split the shoot into a few different episodes.

Today’s episode was interesting in how it came together.  We had just started getting some ideas for shooting.  The sun was on it’s way down but there was not a cloud in the sky anywhere.

As I surveyed the surrounds, the rocks above looked promising for my shooting location. The sun was quite bright behind the rocks and gave me a “hotspot” in which I would place my subject.  That was the start of things.

The cool thing about this tutorial is that you literary get to see how the shot comes together – step by step.  First I find the location, then I have to wrestle with the light, then I need to get a flattering pose from my subject – all one step at a time.

The next part of the image making process involved utilizing the digital tools at my disposal – Lightroom and Photoshop.  Just when I thought I was finished with the image I got another idea on how I might enhance it even more.  Again, step by step, I walk you through the process until I obtain the finished image, a result that I’m proud and pleased to share. 

To see all the steps come together, hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show in this week’s episode entitled, “Fun At The Beach.” 

Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  We are going to take one more stroll around the beautiful surrounds today and reluctantly get ready to head back home tomorrow. 

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow. Wednesday is the day I announce the 2 Grand Prize winners from my recently wrapped DWUC tour.

I’ll plan to see everybody tomorrow for one more visit from Cabo before we jump on the plane late tomorrow afternoon.  See ya’ then,  -David


  1. David, I have no audio after your introduction...hmmmm. any ideas?

  2. Dave,
    There is no sound!

  3. Hi Gang, I've had no problem with the video or sound at my end on three computers including one MAC. All works just fine. Sounds like a slow data tranfer - try pausing it till all downloads, then try to play iy again.

  4. I'm getting sound fine. Thanks for the bird brush tip. I've made my own brushes but never occured to me to make a bird brush.

  5. Sound worked fine here.

    Loved the "bird brush" :)