Monday, December 07, 2009

Quick Hit Monday: I’m Still Working Hard In Cabo; Video Camera Shooting Stills & Painting With Light

Good Morning Everybody,

Are we back in good Ol’ KY yet – well… not yet. We decided to extend our stay here in Cabo thru Wednesday, grab the “red eye” back home and throw ourselves into the Holiday rush on Thursday – Ahhh… what a wonderful thought.

DAZ - Sarah And even though we are spending a few more days down in the land of sun and fun, I want you to know that I am not shirking my blogging duties. Just know that I make myself completely oblivious to so much happening around me just to get the posts up each day for our dear DPT readers.  It’s a sacrifice but each of you guys and girls are worth it  ;~)

HOT OFF THE PRESSES !!! – The last two major door prize winners from my Digital WakeUp Call Tour will be announced this coming Wednesday!  Want to know what those two lucky people are going to win – here is the link to the list of prizes worth over $7000.  You may be one lucky photogs if you attended my DWUC tour and are selected as one of the two winners.  Be sure to check back Wednesday to see if you won!!!

Hey gang, it’s kind of an easy read today so let’s get right to Quick Hit Monday – here we go.

TIME Magazine Cover Shot With Video Camera

TIME Mag That’s right, TIME magazine's recent issue, “Goodbye To The Decade From Hell,” [link], the cover image of the baby crying was shot with the super sophisticated RED video camera. Be sure to check out the behind the scenes video of the shoot too – it’s part of the link above.

Time claims it was the first magazine to use video to shoot a “still” cover shot.  PDN says otherwise – here is the link to their article sighting several more instances of a video camera being used to shoot the cover shot.

Folks, here is the thing for me.  So many photogs aren’t even interested with the digital capabilities of the new DSLRs on the market. That sense of complacency may just lead videographers to “eating our lunch” one day.

red-one-thumb-3 Sure, the fancy, dancy RED One video camera is sophisticated and expensive. It caused quite a stir at the NAB convention – people were lined up just to get into the RED booth!!!

I don’t want to make this an entire post about the RED One camera, but the specs on the camera are very fascinating to read – 12 meg capture at 12 bit RAW makes it a force to be reckoned with.  Here is the link to the RED Digital Cinema site right here – check it out – very interesting reading.

Now Some Real World Insights Into The New DSLRs With Video

Beginners Guide Hot on the heels of the last article, I want to point you towards a very informative post I found over at DPReview right here entitled, “A Beginner’s Guide To HD Video.”  It’s listed as a beginner's guide but the info is more that most of us know about the technology, especially those of us new to video.

Topics include depth of field and exposure, video resolutions, capture formats, and lots more.  Like I said, it says beginner’s guide but its a great resource for anyone owning or wanting to own one of the new video equipped DSLR’s on the market.  It’s an easy, worthwhile read.

Painting With Light – Basic Tools Of The Trade

Many of you have read my posts on my mini Z-ray and the fun we’ve been having painting with light on my wedding images recently [link]. Hey, I just a small fish in the very big “painting with light” pond. has a great post on the subject right here.  The post includes lot’s of examples and videos on the subject. Don’t forget to check out the comments section too – lots more info and examples on the subject.

Painting With Light But what do you need to pull if off?  Well, back to for yet another post right here, entitled, “Painting With Light – The Tools Of The Trade.”  This post is unique because of the range of light sources discussed and the lighting effect produced by each lighting tool. Lots more great examples, too.

Be fore-warned, if you start following these links you will be spending about a week killing time, feeling like a kid in the candy store – not such a bad thing either.  Have fun with this one.

Hey gang, on that note, I’m out of here.  I’m going to try to post another Technique Tuesday tomorrow . I plan to share the beach shoot I’ve been talking about. I just hope we don’t have any major problems with upload speed again.  It should be a good one – see ya’ then!  Adios, -David


  1. Wow, now that is a priceless beach photo :-)

  2. i agree david, we must embrace this new tech or get left behind

  3. David you are such a SUPER GEEK! Lovable and adorable, but really did you notice your surrounds? A laptop on the beach....really??