Thursday, December 03, 2009

"The Beauty Of Sainte-Chapelle"

Cheppell Ceiling

"The Beauty Of Sainte-Chapelle" 
©David A. Ziser

I made this image while we were touring France a few years ago.  La Sainte-Chapelle in Paris is one of the most beautiful church interiors I have ever seen.  Point the camera anywhere, and it seems you capture a stunningly beautiful image.  The color contrasts, the soaring architecture, the rich detail of the stain glass windows leaves one breathless when standing in the astounding magnificence of this location. I chose a very wide angle lens, pointed the camera towards the ceiling, opted for a very symmetrical composition, and fired away.  Camera specs: Canon 5D fitted with Sigma 12-24mm lens at 12mm, F4.5 @ 1/4 second 9handheld), ISO 1600.  Enjoy!  -David

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