Thursday, December 17, 2009

Business Day Thursday: Business Down, Try A Different Approach

Good Afternoon Everybody,

Wow!  I can't believe the week is about over already. We've got things pretty much under control here at the studio THANKS to my great team that makes me look good.  Also, I hoped everyone enjoyed yesterday's post - whew, it just kept getting longer and longer.  I'll try to keep the future posting to a more readable length.

gotomeeting Oh, I forgot to mention that I completed another  "GoToMeeting" appointment with one of my out of town clients Tuesday evening.  Things went great and the client loved it.

Really, it was just like we were in the same room together, just that we couldn’t see each other.  The phone connect was perfect though - we SOUNDED like we were in the same room together.  That's why the meeting went so well.  It was a real wedding presentation to my clients where I could easily add my perspective to the image selection process. 

The bottom line is this - they added 78 additional images to the original 100 image coverage.  The added images really told a complete story and I can't wait to see the finished album designed for them. Don't you love technology:~)

Today I've got planned a short and sweet post (because yesterday's went so long). I need to have completed and ready for print my new lighting program that I’m presenting at Photoshop World in March off to NAPP Headquarters by Friday so let's get right to it.

Business Down, Try A Different Approach

My buddy, Skip Cohen, who started Skip's Summer School this past summer and runs a great marketing blog [link] ask me and several others to comment on business 4th quarter last year versus 4th quarter this year.  He just ran the two part post on Tuesday and Wednesday. My answer appeared in the Wednesday post.

The results of his survey were quite intriguing so be sure to check out the Tuesday post [link] and Wednesday post [link]. As a bonus check out the photographer’s websites, too. It is always good to see what the other guys/girls are doing.

A rock climber is silhouetted against the evening sky as he rappels past an overhang in Joshua Tree National Park. The point that came through for me from so many contributors to the article was clear.  Here is my quick distillation of the most salient points of the discussion:

"... I will say that we worked twice as hard to achieve that goal and proactively approached sales and marketing to get there." Charles Maring

"... It’s not by accident though. We’ve been using creative marketing techniques to bring in kids and families." Joe Dallas

".... Couple that with an additional push towards extreme ‘black belt’ style customer service and it’s keeping us hopping." Kay Eskridge

"... I still believe there’s no substitute for busting your ass. I’m working harder than ever to stay working hard."  Cliff Mautner

“... Too many photographers wait for the phone to ring instead of making the phone ring.”  David Ziser

I think you get the idea.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. I'll plan to see everybody tomorrow for Fine Art Friday - Something New For Your Studio.

Adios,  David

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