Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's Up Wednesday: I'm Not Sure - Fusion Video or FaceBook

Good Morning (Uh, Afternoon) Everybody,
I had a few comments on yesterday's Technique Tuesday. It seems some readers were getting some hesitation when trying to play it. It sounds like a band-with issue to me.

I have the last two videos hosted at I wasn't a happy camper with the ads being added to my videos over at Viddler. So till I get the ad thing sorted out at Viddler, here is a quick fix. Hit pause, let it download a bit, then hit PLAY again. That should work - let me know. Thanks for watching.

One reader remarked that my last two Vimeo videos won't play - I have no clue why that is. That sounds like a Vimeo issue to me - why not email them and see what's up.

Another reader asked if I could caption them for the hearing impaired. I would love too if someone could get me a deal on 30 hour days. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day. Yesterday's video took four hours to complete and get up on line - longer than most. I like the idea of offering a transcript of the videos. If one of our DPT readers wants to transcribe the videos and host them, I will be happy to provide a link. Just a thought.

So What's Up Wednesday? How About...
Hey gang, we are really jammed up around here today so I going to get in and get out - clients land in 10 minutes then more and more clients again all afternoon. Let me quickly point you to two really good resources that have me pretty fired up.

Bebbs Got It Nailed - The Fusion DVDs
Last week in my Business Day Thursday post, I talked about how Jen and Steve Bebb have been exploring the whole Video/Still image Fusion idea. Wait don't leave - this topic seems to be pretty polarizing these days among lots of photographers - but that's another story.
Here is my advice - If you want to explore the possibility of offering this kind of product to your clients, the Bebb's have got it worked out. I purchased their 2 DVD set to see their entire process. It is the most thorough and well thought out DVD set I have seen on the subject. I'm giving it my highest recommendation. Check it out right here - tell them I told you to visit.

Are You On Facebook - Or Can't Figure It Out?
On another note, how many of you participate on Facebook? I know I signed up and I am such a new-by about it. I thought my brain just didn't get it. I mean, when Facebook wants me to type..."What are you doing now?" I want to type, "None of your darn business." I think that kind of shows that I don't get it. But I'm still trying.

I received a note from Rod Evans last week. Rod is one of the most talented and creative photographers working. Check out his blog right here. His galleries are worth a peek too. His specialty is high school seniors and he is very good at what he does.

Another thing he is very good at is marketing himself. He took the "Bull" named Facebook, grabbed it by the horns and learned everything he could about it. He is an expert in my opinion. He used his new found expertise on the Facebook to leverage that into 70 additional high school senior sessions for his studio - not bad for $1 worth of advertising.

Included with his note was his DVD where he explained all the Tips and Tricks to making Facebook work for you. I watched the entire tutorial and think he packs a lot of wisdom into his 50 minute presentation.

I asked Martha, one of my team members to watch it too and give me her feedback. She's so much younger than me;~) I thought her perspective would be good input. She too thought it got you up to speed quickly on the social networking possibilities. Anyway, that's why I mention it. You can get more info on his Facebook tutorial right here complete with video intro. And wait there' more - I just reread Rod's letter and he says that if you are interested and enter coupon code "ziser", it will save you $30 bucks off the price.

And, on that note gang, I'm out of here - I see my clients coming now. See everybody tomorrow for another episode of Business Day Thursday: Bundled Or Unbundled? See ya' then, -David


  1. Hey David.
    The Vimeo Video Looks Fantastic. No problems here and the quality is outstanding.

    Nice work!

  2. Something important for photographers to note about Facebook: their terms of use give them a royalty-free license to use any content you upload in any way they choose (including commercial use and sublicensing). I blogged about Facebook and photographer's rights - that post also includes a link to a short presentation I gave related to the subject.

    Facebook isn't all bad, but it's worth spending a few minutes to be an educated user/consumer.