Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Technique Tuesday: Too Little - Too Much Time ; How Long Does It Take To Shoot The Wedding Formals

Good Morning Everybody,
Well, I pushed the cart over the hill a few days ago - brochures are in the mail and emails are zinging through the Internet inviting photographers to my Digital WakeUp Call tour [link]. I have to say, between finishing the book and getting the tour out the door, sleep time seems a bit rare around here;~)

We are putting finishing touches on the DWC Tour Handbook which is including a complete outline of my presentation along with several marketing and business tips. Our sponsors also have several specials for all the attendees too.

Wait there's more - I'm working on the Tour DVD which includes, count them, 46 tutorials on all things Lighting, Lightroom, Photography, Photoshop, Marketing and business building. Here is the kicker - all the published info says the DWC Tour DVD contains 2 hour of solid information which is a ton of good stuff. Here is the reality - it contains nearly 4 hours of instruction on all of the above! I know, I just added up all the times. Heck, now you can come by and hear the 4 hour "live" presentation and take four more hours of training home with you - 8 hours total!
My thanks to everyone dedicated to making Digital WakeUp Call - A New Dawn the best digital photography seminar of the year. Remember, we are heading to sunny Florida first, and then Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo - hope to see you there. I'll keep you posted with further developments.

Hey, how about we kick off with another Technique Tuesday - here we go...

Too Little - Too Much Time; How Long Does It Take To Shoot The Wedding Formals
On the wedding day we never have too much time to do the "wedding group pics" or as we say - the wedding formals. It's always too little time. So how much time do I take to get all the pics of the bride and groom, moms and dads, wedding party, extended family groups and all the special shots. Do I shoot them before, after, or in-between? Hit the PLAY button below to find out.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. See ya' tomorrow, -David


  1. The video you used to show would run without stopping and then starting again and again. The video you show now is painfully broken up into pieces. Sorry, but it isn't nearly as helpful as it once was.

  2. Well this one was flawless and all others have been flawless for me.
    David I thought I would take the time once again to thank you for your kind giving nature. THANK YOU!

  3. I am echoing what jfred says, you changed something in your videos, now they start/start constantly. David, I think you need to go back to what you were doing earlier. It is very annoying.

  4. Hey guys, sounds like a band-with issue to me. I've got the last two videos hosted over at Vimeo.com. I wasn't a happy camper with the ads being added to my videos over at Viddler. So till I get the ad thing sorted out over at Viddler, here is a quick fix - Hit pause, let it download a bit, then hit PLAY again. That should work - let me know. Thanks for watching, -David

  5. David, yes must be limited bandwidth at vimeo as viddler videos ran fine. I'm on 100Mbps connection and I've never had problems with the viddler videos.

  6. Vimeo videos much better than viddler in full screen.
    Production values in "Too Much...Too Little" very well done, like the wardrobe.

    Thanks, David, for all your hard work.

  7. Band Width is only one portion of the equation. Yes, if your BW is low you will get choppiness. On the other hand, if your system isn't powerful enough (not a current processor) you'll get stop and go video no matter how much band width you have. Today's video looked great full screen on an Intel Core i7 Processor based desktop machine.

  8. I really like your videos and I've watched them all for about the last year. However the last two would not show at all. The whole thing downloads but it never plays. I've tried other vimeo videos and they work. Is there a restriction or something for non US folks?

  9. Hey David
    Great job as always. Very informative and I like the quality of this video at full screen.
    Thank you for doing these week after week. It is a remarkable feat.

  10. Hi David, I love your blog but I'm worried by the title of your seminar, what is this "A New Dawn" all about, aren't you happy with the old LaDawn, is this a new model?

  11. Hello,
    I love your blog and your photos - very inspiring! Would you consider captioning your videos so your Deaf viewers can follow them? If you're not able to caption them, perhaps you'd consider a link to a transcript of your commentary? Thanks!