Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wednesday: It Must Be Technique Tuesday: To Tilt Or Not To Tilt

Good Morning Everybody,
Well here we are - Technique Tuesday - a day late but note a dollar short. This week's episode is jammed packed with so much information, you may have to watch it 10-20 times times just to soak it all in! OK, maybe I'm exaggerating just a bit. But it's still a good one.

I put it together a little differently this time around. You'll have to watch it to better understand. Let me know what you think. I know, I know - get on with it already...

To Tilt Or Not To Tilt - It's About The Pixels
This title is so misleading, you will still be guessing about a third of the way through the post unless I tell you now. Here we go. Lots of times, I'm asked if I use a flash bracket - you know, so that when you take your vertical shots, the flash is still above the camera. My quick answer is NO. In this lesson, I'll discuss when I do and when I don't rotate the camera and why. It's the "whys" that may surprise you. Give a peek at the lesson. Enjoy!

Hey everybody, we are swamped this week so I'm going to finish up quickly. I'll see everyone tomorrow for another episode of Business day Thursday. See ya' then, -David


  1. David, great lesson, now I think I'll leave that big heavy flip thing in the bag!

  2. Thank you, David!
    Seems to be a great video, but I couldn't make after 7th min.
    47 Mb for 7 min of video? Something is wrong here.

  3. Mr.Ziser
    Thank you. For sharing your tips and knowledge with us, your online family.I found this video very informative and helpful.

  4. Interesting ideas, David. Thanks for sharing your technique and philosophy here. I'm a little surprised you did not mention the option of bouncing the flash though.

  5. what a nice video, david, i would like to post this video on my blog. thanks

  6. hey David, great video as always. Any chance that you are going to come to Canada with your tour?

  7. I have 3 solutions I use for this:

    1 - 5DII as you mentioned, cropping horizontal to vertical and still having 40D-ish resolution.

    2 - Using the flash turned 135 degrees clockwise and 45 degrees up. This makes it bounce from behind my right shoulder in horizontal and from behind my left shoulder in vertical.

    3 - Using off-camera flash as key light and on-camera straight ahead for fill. The off-camera key will overpower the would-be shadow from turning the camera vertical.

  8. @ Brett,

    ...correct me if I'm wrong, but I kind of was taking what David was saying as this is during a fast wedding scenario. Sure, if you have time you can change flash settings key and fill settings or rotate the head just right...but in a fast moving situation like a wedding, where the shot is there for a second or two then gone, you don't have time for that stuff, so just shoot horiz and crop later, problem solved.
    Thanks, David, great tips!

  9. Another great lesson David. I currently use a bracket with a camera flip option for my event photography but I have missed good pictures changing orientation. You have given me food for thought on sacrificing some pixels to get the shot!

  10. Dave,

    Great tips.

    Re: shooting blind (overhead, to one side, under your leg :) , are you using auto-focus or manual?