Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"The Pianist"
©David A. Ziser

I made this image as part of yesterday's Wedding Shootout during Photoshop World Boston. The stain glass window, reflection on the piano, and organ pipes all combined to make this very striking wide angle portrait of my groom. Camera specs: Canon 5D Mark II fitted with 12-24mm Sigma lens at 12mm, F5.6 @1/40 second, ISO 1600. Enjoy! -David


  1. Okay; now you get leading lines from reflections on a piano? Amazing. SWEET! Brian F.

  2. wow. amazing work.. im a follower..

  3. Did you see the swirl lines in the piano lead up to him in the shot or only after the flash, either way WOW!

  4. I keep seeing that you are using slow shutter speeds such as 1/40 in this case.
    How do you prevent camera shake? I find it to be a problem shooting at anything slower then 1/60.

  5. Erez, 1/40 is really no problem with an image stabilized lens. In addition, in this shot, David used a wide-angle lens, and that also helps to lower the chance of visible camera shake. I just saw David's presentation at Photoshop World an hour ago, where he talked about feeling comfortable shooting down to 1/6 sec thanks to image-stabilized lenses.

  6. Erez, also when you use flash you can shoot at slower shutter speeds as the flash itself will freeze any motion. It does help when your model stay very still, though.

  7. David sr zizer
    I am an admirer of Peru follower of his work and his technique every time I see your pictures inspires me ensure you make the picture is admirably simple. his friend
    Juan Tellez.
    ps I like more in formation of Lightroom. thanks