Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bloggers Of The World - Unite!

Bloggers Of The World - Unite!
Be my guest when my tour, Digital WakeUp Call – A New Dawn, comes to a city near you - and save your readers $20 on their registration too!

Good Morning Everybody,
A change of plans today - look for Technique Tuesday tomorrow instead of today because I have a big announcement to make!

Bloggers Win and Your Readers Win!
Today I’m announcing my personal invitation to bloggers* everywhere - those who blog several times a month consistently - a great opportunity for their readers. I think Digital WakeUp Call – A New Dawn is the best 4 hour program on digital photography, lighting, Lightroom, and business building hitting the road to 58 cities on March 30, 2009! My tour kicks off in Jacksonville, Florida and I want to get the word out in a BIG WAY! So I need your help.

Visit Digital WakeUp Call - A New Dawn and you will see the tremendous amount of value built into the program with a jam packed 4 1/2 hour presentation, program bonuses worth $250 for each attendee, and almost $250,000 in prizes being awarded!

Your Readers Save $20!
For helping get the word out about Digital WakeUp Call, I am offering participating bloggers* a Promo Code that their readers can use to get a $20 savings off the regular price of $79 when they register. Bloggers wanting to participate need to email me directly david@ziser.com - for your special code so I can get you set up.

You And One Of Your Readers - Be My Guest
I also want to invite all participating bloggers* to be my personal guest at my seminar when it comes to a city near you. I’ll even pick up a refreshment or two in the hotel lounge afterwards. With 58 cities scheduled, that should be easy for the USA bloggers. Such a deal - complimentary registration and free drinks!

Also, I want to invite one of your loyal readers to attend the city of their choice as your guest. So, that’s one $79 registration for you and one for your guest.

*Eligibility to receive the Promo Code will be based on your blog activity and Alexa rating.

The "Exciting Lighting" Contest - How To Choose Your Guest
So how do you select your lucky guest? How about a contest? Hey, the Digital WakeUp Call - A New Dawn tour is about exciting lighting and a lot more so let's make it an "Exciting Lighting" contest. The lucky reader selected by you who submits the most "Exciting Lighting" image made with portable flashes wins the free registration to the seminar and their image, along with your blog site, will be featured during my presentation.

$100 From B&H - To Say Thank You
I also want to say "Thank You" to the top blog referrer with a $100 gift certificate from B&H. My plan is this. Bloggers will get points for each attendee that registers under your special Promo Code.

Points for bloggers will be weighted by their Alexa rating by the following formula:

Your Alexa rating/100,000 = Blogger Points per Attendee
Note: Maximum Handicap will be 15

This effectively reduces the playing field for all bloggers large or small. The blogger with the most points wins. It's just that simple. Pixsylated.com has provided the best example on how to inform your readers about Digital WakeUp Call and how to set up your "Exciting Lighting" contest. Check it out right here - it's the best!

Let the contest begin!! Drop me an email at david@ziser.com if you would like to participate. See ya' on the road! -David

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  1. I've had it on our camera club's blogsite since the day you announced it. My wife and I signed up the same day. That was before your announcement of the discount. I still consider it a good investment. I'll put a post on the club's site letting everyone know about the discount. Only down side is that the tour doesn't get to Hartford until October 6th. See you then. (I am open for the drink offer. ;-)