Monday, March 09, 2009

Quick Hit Monday: Radio Poppers Tested To the Limits; Kodak Decides To See Film Cameras (again); My New Video Camera?; and More

Good Morning Everybody,
Hope everybody had a great weekend -- the weather was perfect around here and we actually had a chance to go outside and get a breath of fresh air. The book kept me busy most of the weekend but I was able to hammer out three more chapters and find all the photography examples needed to nail down those chapters. Boy, I have to tell you just finding all the supporting images for the book is just as big of a job as writing the book. But things are coming together and the book project should wrap this week. Have you heard this before?-ld

I was cruising the net over the weekend and found some interesting items - at least I thought they were interesting to me. So let's get on with Quick Hit Monday.

Radio Poppers Tested To the Limits
Hey everybody, you have to check out Ed Zawadzki's blog, F1point0 - here is the link. I had the pleasure of meeting Ed last week while presenting at B&H and he did a nice write up on our visit [link]. I've mentioned Ed's blog here a few times in the past but I have to point you to his latest post. It seems a big discussion these days is Radio Poppers versus Pocket Wizards in the new off-camera flash wars.

Anyway, Ed decided to run the Radio Poppers through their paces and just see what kind of real working distances he could get out of them. He talks about being a city block away and the Radio Poppers still firing. Check out the whole story right here. On another note, I want to thank Ed for mentioning the Digital WakeUp Call tour. More thanks coming to other bloggers this week.

Kodak Decides To See Film Cameras (again!)
OK, here is a story I couldn't believe I was reading. I found this post over at blogging buddy 1001 Noisy Cameras. The post pointed his readers to an article posted by Lets Go Digital revealing that Kodak has partnered with Sakar to produce a number of film cameras including a $200 SLR! Now I have been a friend with Kodak for a number of years but I have to admit, I'm scratching my head in wonder. Anyway, you can check out to the story yourself right here.

The Strobist - Paso Robles April 27–May 1, 2009.
Strobist fans everywhere unite -- at least the Strobist fans in the Paso Robles area. I received a note from Syl Arena at mentioning that he will be hosting the Strobist, David Hobby, who will teaching a 5-day workshop --for the first time ever! - in Paso Robles April 27–May 1, 2009. Everybody I've talked with that has attended any of Mr. Hobbie's programs says what a "kick' they are and can't believe how much information he jams into his daylong seminars. Imagine what a week will feel like. For more information on the Strobist's Workshop coming up just hit the link here.

My New Video Camera?
Well guys and girls, you know I'm intrigued with the new digital cameras shooting video. On the video side of the fence, there's been a lot of talk about this other camera for the videographer that shoots high-resolution stills made by RED. This is supposed to be one hot piece of equipment - lots of people have been talking about it for months now.

What's interesting to me is that the still/video convergence now on both ends of the spectrum -- the still shooters having video capability built in the into their equipment; and the videographers having the high quality still capabilities built into their gear. Anyway, I think makes for an interesting read you can check out the whole story right here.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. I plan on banging away at the keyboard all day today to try to get more of the book wrapped up. So - everyone have a good one and I'll see everybody tomorrow for another episode of Technique Tuesday. Just remember one thing - a pixel doesn't care if it's a still pixel or a video pixel. Adios, -- David


  1. Hi David, best get going on that book! I want one in my hot little hands when you come to Chicago in Sept. You WILL be autographing right?????????

  2. Hey David,
    Thanks for the links! The Radio Poppers article was helpful Also, looking forward to the Digital Wakeup Tour in Ft Lauderdale this April!

    See ya soon,

  3. Maybe Kodak wants to take advantage of the people who freaked out over the decline of film! If they are the only ones selling it in the end, they might not do too bad.

    I at least feel safe enough now not to stock up on film before it's all gone :)

  4. Hi David,

    Look forward to seeing the book in print.

    Will you be selling the DWC tour DVD's to non participants like last time? I really enjoyed the ones you shipped to the UK and learnt loads from them, I'd like to continue the experience.

    Best Wishes,