Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Technique Tuesday: A Video Tour Of My Gear Bag - Another Encore Performance

Good Morning Everybody,

Today is our last day in beautiful Hawaii, but you know what, that's OK.  We've had a great stay, explored lots of the sites, walked the beach, ate some great food and just relaxed.  Yesterday we even hiked to the top of Diamond Head and got this fabulous view of the city.

0001-From Diamond Head-IMG_3515

Later this afternoon we head back to good ol' Kentucky and even though Hawaii was a great visit, there's still no place like home.

I promised LaDawn that we would spend our last few hours on the island just relaxing before we jumped on that 8 hour flight back to Atlanta on the mainland. That means that I'm running an "encore performance" Technique Tuesday this week.

Wait, don't get too "bummed" about not having a new Technique Tuesday today.  Back in the secure DPT vaults are several great TTues episodes and I'm picking out one of my favorites today for your joy and edification.

Just know this - as we travel back that long 10 hour journey home, I will be thinking of nothing but brand new Technique Tuesday Episodes that you will see in upcoming posts.  The verdant, fertile mind of the air traveler is the perfect place to "birth" those new TTues ideas;~)

Anyway, let's get on with today's "Encore Performance" of this week's Technique Tuesday.  Here we go.

Video Tour Of My Gear Bag - An Encore Performance

Today's episode features a tour through my gear bag.  I still receive many comments about the gear I use on a wedding even though most of the questions have already been answered here in my blog.  I know we've got a lot of new readers these days who may have missed those posts. 

That's why I've chosen "A Video Tour Of My Gear Bag" as today's post.  It's kind of long - about 18 minutes, so just sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

Tomorrow I’m featuring another "Shooting Solution" from the wedding I featured a few weeks ago in the post entitled, "Lighting Challenge Wednesday" [link].  Give it a read before tomorrow's post. It will be a good refresher into the post tomorrow.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. We are heading out for one more day of sunshine, cool breezes, and warm oceans.  See ya' tomorrow back in Kentucky. Aloha,  -David


  1. Great video. Are you on Twitter? Would like to follow your blog from there.

  2. Hi David, great great video. This is exactly what makes your blog so interesting - you go into detail on topics that others don't even think of. And it totally makes sense to have your toolbox organized - every mechanic knows that.

    By the way you can hire me as your assistant now, because I know how to pack your bag correctly :) I know I know it takes more than that ... but you can still hire me :)


  3. gotta comment about the lens hoods too. i didnt see them and they seem to take up a lot of bag space for me. do you not use them? now that i think of it, i dont think ive ever seen you use a lens hood in any of your videos or your kelby training tutorials. you dont see a need for them?

  4. When I am travelling, I like to take some reading material with me, my iPod, headphones, laptop. Where do you put these things in your gear bag?