Monday, November 05, 2007

Not To Close to Home - The California Wildfires

You know, I saw this post last week, and almost didn't bring it to the DigitalProTalk blog because I thought the content may be too strong for our readers and, hey, that's not what this blog is about - right. Then I had second thoughts. Here I am sitting in my comfortable Mid-West office watching the news about the of the wildfires in California. But, I'm 2000 miles away and yea, that's the news for today.

We were in Sedona, Arizona 2 weeks after their wildfire outbreak last year and seeing the vast scope of the scorched earth from a helicopter certainly brought it home for me. That's the reason I decided to make this post today - because these images definitely bring the scope of the damage and the despair of the homeowners, businesses, and firefighters, resulting from those awful fires.

I post these for two reasons - one, because of the dramatic images the LA Times photographers bring to this story; and secondly, because it kicks us out of our "comfort zone" and makes us think. You can see the dramatic and historic California wildfire images right here.

Well, gang, that's it for today. Hope to see everybody tomorrow for "Technique Tuesday". Have a great one. --David

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  1. Thank you for including the link in your blog. Even though most of us were not effected, it really brings it all close to home!