Friday, November 30, 2007

An Even More Good Stuff - Three Great Lighting Lessons

OK, OK, I just found out that these Portrait videos were featured over at the Strobist a while back, but I just came across them over at PhotoNovice. They are created by Burt Stephani and he has put together three really good tutorials pertaining to:
  1. Creating "portrait lighting" in not to good "portrait lighting" situations - like high noon sun.
  2. Finding Good backgrounds
  3. More Stuff From 1 & 2
Why am I making such a big deal about these videos?? Gang this is what I do every time I shoot a wedding or outdoor portrait. Mr. Stephani has nailed the technique and produced some great results in not the best of conditions. Let me say it loud and clear - every portrait and wedding photog should watch these videos! One more time, here is he link to Bert Staphani's lighting tutorials. Really, really good stuff!

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  1. hi David :)
    first comment here
    thanks for reminding the link, the model gives a great part of the success of the shots, but "not to good portrait lighting situations" is something i can't deal with for now so every tip is welcome
    arnaud from france, a devoted rss reader