Monday, April 09, 2012

"Fantasy In White”


"Fantasy In White”
©David A. Ziser

Here is another image from the wedding I photographed a few weeks ago.  I had taken this window light image as one of the last I made of the bride before we headed out to do the group photographs.  I like the high angle on my subject and was happy with the shallow depth of field. When I originally looked at the image, I felt there was something there but it wasn’t totally thrilling me either. 

I was spending some time over the weekend editing and generally playing with B&W conversions in Lightroom 4. The more I experimented with this image, the more I began to fall in love with it.  I was attracted to one sharp eyelash contrasting with all the other mid to high tones of gray throughout the image.

I liked how the my eye first entered the image at the bride’s eye but then slowly picked up on her very soft and gentle expression throughout the rest of the image.  The feeling was quite ethereal as I gazed longer at this image. It is not your typical wedding image but is very beautiful nevertheless.  I’ve got some more photographs to show you in the following post – hope you enjoy them.

Camera specs: Canon 5D Mark III fitted with 24-105mm IS lens at 105mm, F4.0 @ 1/40 second, ISO 800.  Enjoy!  -David

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