Thursday, April 05, 2012

Business Day Thursday: A Look Back Into History and Your Door To The Future!

Good Morning Everybody,

FAll11 Master Class PicWe've been working hard gearing up for my last 5 day Master Class happening in just over a week. The notebooks are being printed, the locations are being scouted, the models are being booked, and my coaches are ready to go! 

It should be a great time.  We still have a few seats available and the price is still the best price anywhere for such a great educational experience.  Here is the link to all the class info or just give LaDawn a call at 859.341.5900 . She will be happy to discuss the details personally with you.

A Look Back Into History and Your Door To The Future!

I have never been more excited about what is happening today in the field of photographic education.  The PHOTOVISION Vaults are being unlocked to the public!  Here is the back story. Ed Pierce and I have been friends for many, many years, too many to discuss ;~)

Anyway, Ed has been one of the leading innovators in photographic education for over 20 years!  He pioneered his famous "LIVE" satellite downlink series of seminars nearly 15 years ago.  I was honored to be one of his first guests on his grand technical achievement.  That's me below in one of my segments along with one of the images  I made during our San Francisco beach shoot.

DAZ on Beach          DAZ Beach Shot

After that Ed went on to build PHOTOVISION into one of the best subscription based educational experience anywhere.  This is WAY before anyone else was even considering photographic education at this level - 22 instructors, 20 hours of education, on 6 DVDs delivered right to your door every other month. Great content at a great price!

Drum roll please!  Well, today PHOTOVISION in opening their vaults with all that content produced over these many years since its inception. Folks, this is earth shaking news!  No, not because it's a fabulous educational resource for photographers.  For me it's much more important than that.  It is truly a peek back into the history of our profession! Who is that young photographer below? Wow, is that a FILM camera he’s using!!??



I was mesmerized just watching the preview videos for over an hour yesterday.  I was viewing the legions in our industry - Monte Zucker, Don Blair, and so many more sharing their knowledge with Ed's viewers.  Here is a quick clip of the Master, Monte Zucker. I first studied with Monte over 25 years ago and his portrait lessons are still some of the best today.


Monte and Don are gone now but their heart, soul, experience, and passion for teaching live on in these legacy videos. These were my instructors as I was finding my way into this wonderful profession.  It was such a pleasure to hear their voices and see their energy again on screen. Very deja’ vu.  Here is a peek at my pal, Don Blair below.

Folks, the significance of what PHOTOVISION has done is truly astonishing and will serve as not only a wonderful photographic resource for ALL photographers, but more importantly, it is THE most important photographic educational archive ever collected - and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Ed has done an astonishing job putting it all together and I salute him for his efforts. 

He has given, all of us, not only a wealth of photographic information, he has also given us a photographic record of our march into the digital world!  It is so rewarding to see history unfold before your very eyes as you view this historic series of videos featuring master photographers and top trainers from around the world.

A Peak Into The Future

PHOTOVISION doesn't stop there either.  Ed has a brand new series planned for this year too.  His line up features the top photographic educators in the industry; Rod Evans, Julia Woods, Parker Pfister, and 19 more!  Here is the good news - Ed reached out to me a few weeks ago to tell me what he was up too and asked me to spread the word.  I was only too happy to oblige because of the historical significance of his project. 

He sweetened the pot for our DigitalProTalk readers too.  You can subscribe to PHOTOVISION 2012 for 75% off by using the Secret Code: ZISER when subscribing. PhotoVision OfferOnce subscribed, you have access to over 500 videos and 400 hours of training from the best photographers in our industry and a wonderful, historic peek into the fascinating evolution of our profession. I give PHOTOVISION my HIGHEST recommendation - I promise you won't be disappointed.


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  Please head over to the PHOTOVISION vaults [link].  Be sure to check out all the collections but especially the VINTAGE Collection [link] – my favorite - for a peek back in history and experience the treasures in the hundreds of preview videos available.  The preview videos are more than an entertaining tease - they are also an invitation to study from photographic masters long since off the radar screen but continue to be a vibrant source of information, inspiration and education!

Enjoy everybody!

See you soon,  David


  1. Mr. Ziser,

    I never knew Monte Zucker, but I agree that he had a passion for teaching. So did many of his students, such as you, Rick Ferro, and others. However, it's hard to imagine ANYONE being more passionate about teaching "the craft" than you are. You are too modest!

    Warmest regards,
    - Arved

  2. Another nail in the coffin of the industry.

  3. David,
    I remember the live satellite seminars (there were a handful of them). Ther was no such thing as the Internet. I remember driving across the border to Minneapolis from Canada. They rented a movie house and had the 8' dish outside. It was an all day thingy with some prices..the biggest one was a Hasselblad 500CM! I won a T-shirt though...ha ha. Good memories!