Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ziser Outraged By McNally's False Allegations!

Good Morning Everybody,

Joe M 6 I can believe it!  I really can't believe it!!! Joe McNally, my friend, my Photoshop World compadre, my off camera flash buddy - saying I stole his Tri-Grip "whatjamacallit".  Here is the link to all his false accusations right here.

Man, I remember asking him if I could borrow his one of his portable reflectors for my Photoshop World `Pre-Con. He said, "Sure, no problem." I thanked my Ol' buddy and left smiling and grateful.  Boy, were those feelings misplaced with what's playing out over at his blog

Fire Trucks Heck, I couldn't even use that Tri-Grip "whatjamacallit". It was so coated with baby oil from his last shoot that when I popped it open in the back of church near the votive candles, the whole place almost went up in flames. The church office called the fire department and, with their help, we were able to put out the flames with my new OSHA approved flame retardant Zumbrellas.

Candles You know how it works - you light a candle, you make a donation.  We took up a class donation just to cover all the newly lit candles - I'm talking hundreds of dollars - baby oil and smoke was everywhere!

Anyway, I wanted to get to the bottom of the story so I hired myself a private detective - Snoop, The News Hound.  Snoop and I go back a lot of years.  Snoop helped me back in the old days when I did investigative reporting for my kids PTA.  I gave Snoop a call and asked if he could help out. He said, "Woof, no problem." He asked me to give him some time to get the facts straight.

Snoop - Fotolia_1914149_Subscription_XLHere is Snoop's take on the investigation so far on his blog right here.

I know Snoop is thorough and undaunted in sniffing out the facts. I'll have an update tomorrow. I promise all of you, our trusted DigitalProTalk readers, that we will get to the bottom of these baseless allegations!!!

Technique Tuesday to follow later today - I'm just so appalled by the entire affair;~)  -David

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  1. I thought those glasses on your punim looked like mine! Geez, I thought I dropped them in a glass of Merlot after a night of saying goodbye to "ProShots!"
    Thank goodness for auto focus!
    Michael Jonas

  2. LOL!!! I am sure this matter will be resolved amicably. It would be a shame if two of the industry's top photographers have to take legal action against each other over a tri-grip, no matter how sentimental it was. LOL.

  3. David,
    This is clearly a scam by “numbnuts” McNally.  He is making these allegations clearly to extort Zumbrellas from you.  Numbnuts even admits it with his statement “Maybe if he sent me, like, a dozen zumbrellas. I’d feel better.” I would demand to see photographic evidence in HDR.  (We all know about his love for HDR)  He is just trying to make wedding photographers look bad.  These northeastern photographers are just like used car salesmen: They will do anything to save a buck.  He should get off his wallet and buy Zumbrellas like the rest of us.  Don’t cave to this extortion attempt!


  4. I think you should send him a ransom note with a photo of the Tri-Grip bound and gagged.

  5. Wow, I'm glad now I purchased your book yesterday at Dave Cross' Columbus Seminar. Help offset the out of pocket for those votives. ($20 NAPP discount didn't hurt either). I think you may have a slander case against Kelby too! Slippery is fightin' words in these parts!!

    Dennis O.

  6. How can the claims of someone who markets himself as 'numnuts' be taken seriously? Anyone who mows his yard in a suit clearly is of too high a moral standard to steal!!

    Well done on both sides, you made my morning.

  7. David,

    George Zimmer called from the Men's Wearhouse.... he wants his suit back too.

    I knew you liked his style.

  8. Guys, can you send me some of whatever ya'll are smokin! (I believe the baby oil part)