Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Technique Tuesday: I Can See For Miles - How To Get Beautiful Results With Long Lenses

Good Afternoon Everybody,

I just got a call from Snoop, The News Hound [link].  He tells me his investigation has turned up maybe even more information that we wanted to know about our friend, Joe McNally. He asked me to keep the early details “mum” till tomorrow – it’s just the "tip of the iceberg" Snoop says. He promises a full report first thing tomorrow morning.

OK gang, time to get on with today's Technique Tuesday.

I Can See For Miles - How To Get Beautiful Results With Long Lenses

I have to tell ya' shooting with long lenses racked out pretty far and using wider apertures really makes a portrait or outdoor wedding image beautiful.  It's the shallow depth of focus that's working for us.  The subject easily "projects" from the scene drawing the viewer's instant attention.  Hit the PLAY button below for the rest of the story.


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  I can't wait to see what Snoop finds out today on ol' Mr. McNally - stay tuned.

See ya' tomorrow,  -David


  1. Top quality tutorial, David: informative and inspiring! Thank you.


  2. Great Technique Tuesday!! Love the improved audio. (it really makes a big difference.

    Keep up the great show.


  3. Hey, David. Many thanks for another great tutorial. As always, it's so inspiring. I'm a Nikon shooter, and I do own a 70-200mm F2.8 VR lens. I guess I should use it more often.

  4. Argh! That's NOT the proper definition of hyperfocal distance! Please see:


    You can't simply interchange DOF with hyperfocal distance, and you certainly can't talk about the background being out of focus in the same context of hyperfocal distance.

    Please - technical accuracy IS important. There are a lot of photographers who get these things wrong, and then quote experts like you to support their misinformed opinions.

    Otherwise, another superlative "Technique Teusday."

  5. Hey Arved,
    You caught me on that that. I guess I had a few less brain cells firing that day. The easiest way to define hyperfocal distance is thus:

    "... the hyperfocal distance setting ... is simply a fancy term that means the distance setting at any aperture that produces the greatest depth of field..." as stated in How to Use Your Camera, New York Institute of Photography, 2000.

    Thanks Arved for the heads up.