Monday, April 05, 2010

Quick Hit Monday: CBTL Takes 3 - #1's, ; iPad Frenzy; More On DSLR Video; and The Forensic Wedding Photographer

Good Morning Everybody,

I hope everyone had a great weekend and the Easter Bunny was good to you. I spent several hours getting my new Canon ipF 8100 installed.  We are nearly there and I hope to finish it up today.

I mentioned I was having a bit of a problem getting Windows 7 to see the rest of my network a few weeks ago.  It turns out it was a problem with my wireless access point.  Once I plugged in the network cable, renamed the Win 7 network  name to the Win XP network name, everything came up roses.  I'm now really liking my Windows 7 experience so far.

CBTL Takes 3 - #1's Spots

CBTL MS2 The Amazon Easter Bunny was really good to me this weekend.  My "Captured By The Light" photography book was #1 in lighting.  And, get this, it was also #1 in wedding planning “smoking” Martha Stewart’s 4th place finish ;~) 

I also got word from Peachpit Press too that it was the #1 selling book at Photoshop World too - WOW!  My thanks - #1 to Kelby Media for bringing it all together and #2 - to all of you who have picked it up and are giving it "Rave" reviews. 

Digital Resource Center220px Remember, any copies of CBTL purchased from our Digital Resource Center [link] will be autographed by me personally. Lots of good value priced book bundles available too. Check it out. Thanks Again Everybody!!!

Soooo, Was There An iPad In Your Easter Basket This Weekend?

125_ipad_tout2 Man, that's about all we've been hearing about lately - even on the cover of TIME magazine this week [link]. I have to say, it is on my shopping list - hopefully later this week.  I hear my local Best Buy is getting about 50 more in towards the end of the week.  I drove by Saturday  morning and they were already lined up.  Amazing how Apple does that isn't it?

The BIG complaint about the iPad is NO Flash support.  I caught Scott Kelby's work-around right here. Want to know why Flash won't work on your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad - here is the answer right here.  Watch the video too.

Although this is a slight problem, I suspect it will go away soon.  Lots of the BIG media boys like the NY Times already have sister sites set up to stream to the iPad.

If you ask me, these are pretty exciting times for media hungry mavens like me.  As a photographer, I think we should all carry one as an easy and efficient marketing tool. I loved the iPhone as a means of presenting your portfolio.  The iPad just ramps up the entire experience several notches.

More On DSLR Video

From Still To Motion While at Photoshop World, I picked up a copy of "From Still To Motion", currently the #1 book over at Amazon on Cinematography [link].  The book really gets into the nuts and bolts of video production.  It's much more than just a how-to book on shooting video with your DSLR.  It’s filled with lots of information. I'm enjoying the "read" so check it out right here.

And speaking of DSLR video how about giving your Canon 7D a helicopter ride.  That's exactly what Eric AUSTIN did with his 7D.  Check out his video right here - kind of fun.

Want more on DSLR video, Planet 5D is always a good source of info.  Check out their post right here featuring the new Canon Rebel T2i video capabilities - pretty cool.  As you read the article there are several links worth checking out too.  Too much to absorb - too little time ;~)

Wedding Photography Business Slowing Down - Why Not Pick Up Another Line Of Work

The Grave shot I caught this fun video at It about a wedding photographer shooting forensics. Here is the link right here. At first, I was going to resist the giggle, but about 30 seconds into this video I was smiling.

About a minute into it, tears were falling down my cheeks.  Hey, maybe I have a weird sense of humor, but I love the British wit and comicality so I hope you enjoy this video too.  I especially love the "grave shot" at the end. It's a nice way to start the week with a smile.


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  I'm heading back to my printer project.  I hope to have it up and running today.  Everybody have a great one and I'll see you tomorrow for another scintillating episode of Technique Tuesday - "Only The Shadow Knows" 

See ya' then,  -David

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  1. Hi David,
    the link you provided (at does not really contain any valid reason for not having flash on these devices. Most applications would still work. They work on a ton of other touch-devices, too.

    The web is not about "everything runs exactly the same on any platform", so why should this suddenly become a problem?

    Anyway, this "issue" is getting blown out of all proportion.