Monday, April 19, 2010

Quick Hit Monday: Me and My iPad; Big Canon 5D Mk II News; CS5 - Don't Know Where To Start; Catch A Sample Chapter Of My New Book; Tired Of Blogging; Marketing 102; and More

Good Morning Everybody,

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We arrived safe and sound, but a bit tired from the early flight, in Mexico on Saturday - the 3 a.m. Wake up call was just too early for me;~ Anyway, all is well in Cabo this sunny Monday morning.

We are spending the week slowing things down before my super busy week long Digital Master Class kicks off a week from today. It's always fun and we have another "full house" for the week.

Soooo, how many of you have the new iPad? I picked up about a iPad2 10 days ago and just love it. I'm actually typing today's post on it right now. I thought the touch screen keyboard might be inconvenient, but since I'm a three finger typist anyway, it works great!

I'm using the iPad app, Pages, which works like a charm. When I finish the post, I simply send it to, grab it there, copy it into Windows Live Writer, add a picture or two, and publish away - all very cool and convenient.

The long iPad battery life looks like I may be retiring my net book computer a little sooner than I expected. One of the coolest apps for the iPad is Netflix. Now I can just log into Netflix from the iPad and watch any movie I want. I picked up the iPad to VGA dongle so I could connect the iPad to my data projector. With the projector and the iPad having the same native resolution, things look great! As LaDawn says, "More toys for boys." Wait a minute, to me, it's still a great production tool.

One last quick note, especially to all our loyal DPT readers in the UK, it looks like we will be heading to London next January to present two programs for the Society, at the largest photography convention in the country. I have always enjoyed visiting Great Britain so we are already looking forward to the trip.

OK, enough of my yacking - let's get right into today's Quick Hit Monday.

Canon 5D Mark II Used To Shoot Final Episode Of House MD 

If you haven't heard yet, the opening segments of the Leno show were shot with the Canon 5D Mark II as were some sequences of the recently released Terminator movie.

DSLR Video2Well, here is the latest. The final episode of the very popular  "House" series was shot entirely on the Canon 5D Mark II. Amazing, I will definitely have to tune that broadcast at the end of April?  Here is the link to the story right here.

And speaking of those video enabled DSLRs, here is a nice piece at DigitalPhotoPro [link] that explains some different kinds of video techniques with the camera - an interesting read.

CS5 - Don't Know Where To Start

CS5 Learning Center Good news!! The good folks at Kelby Media have just released lots of tutorials showing the latest greatest features of CS5. They are really fun to watch. Head on over right here and give them a peek.

Kelby Training [link] also has several new classes up featuring CS5. This is supposed to be a really solid upgrade of Photoshop. I'm certainly planning to jump on board.

Catch A Sample Chapter Of My New Book And My Recent TwitterView

CBTL PDF That's right, Peachpit has posted a complete chapter from my new book, "Captured By The Light." [link] It downloads as a PDF and looks exactly like the real book - image that. Remember, we still have a special sale available at my Digital Resource Center thru tomorrow.

And speaking of Peachpit, they have posted my complete Twitter view from two weeks ago right here.

Tired Of Blogging, Tired Of Writing Your Own Newsletters, Tired Of Doing Your Own Promotions

Man, sounds like all of us now and then, doesn't it?  Why not  let someone else do it for you. I recently received an email introducing me to a new service just being offered to anyone with writer's block.

The name of the new company is Ghost writersHere is the deal, if you need to get that important blog post up, get that e-newsletter out to your clients, or any other kind of writing or web project completed, they will do it for you - for a small fee, of course. Kind of reminds me of my old college days when I needed to get a term paper done - kidding, KIDDING.

The principals of the site include my good buddy, Skip Cohen, Shauna Harris, and Mathew Harris. It looks to me like they have a really good idea. Check it out right here and see if there might be a fit for you.

Marketing 102 - The Next Step

Michael W Michael Warshall, the owner of NuLab in Australia does a regular column on sales in NuLab's e-newsletter. Michael knows a thing or two about sales. He can tell you stories of his multi $10,000 sales to the royalty in Indonesia years ago - and they are fascinating stories.

He is one of the best and most practical sales persons I know. Michael and I go back a long time first meeting when we were fledging photographers taking a week long class with Monte Zucker. We have stayed in touch over all these years having just connected at the recent WPPI convention.

Anyway, to make a long story short, check out his sales articles right here. His latest is entitled, "The I’ll Think It Over Close". Be sure to check out the back issues of NuLab's e-newsletters for his other articles, too. Definitely worth the read.

Skip Cohen MEI post

So What Does Pulitzer Prize Winning Photography Look Like?

Chind PPimage I just saw that this year's winners were announced. I don't care what kind of photography you do, I always think it's good to look at other folks work simply for the inspiration. That said, check out the rest of the story of Mary Chind's, of the Des Moines Register, Pulitzer Prize winning image right here.

Next check out the Craig F. Walker of the Denver Post Pulitzer Prize winning image and story right here too.

By the Way, you can see the rest of the Pulitzer prize winning images right here – always exciting to view.


Hey gang, for being on vacation, that’s a pretty long post for a Monday morning.  The troops are getting restless around here and want to get started on the day so I’m out of here.  Plan to stop back tomorrow for some way cool Lightroom 3 stuff – it will blow your mind.

Adios, -David

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