Friday, July 03, 2009

You Light Up My Life Friday: A Quick Follow Up From Yesterday's Post & More Than a Dozen Lighting Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure

Good Late Afternoon Everybody,
Whew! Just finished my meeting with my NYC client (about 2:00 p.m.) Re-read yesterday's post [link] where I discussed my super easy way to offer exceptional customer service to out of town clients to see what I'm talking about. Well, today was the true test. The meeting ran a little long, but my client was thrilled that I took the time to review her wedding images with her and "fine tune" the order.

Folks, therein is the bottom line when it comes to customer service. What kind of a response can we expect from WEB ordering only? In fact, my bride re-iterated just how frustrating it was to make any kind of selection online. She did not like the whole frustrating experience.

This morning she kept raving about how great today's ordering experience was. She was confident, pleased, and relieved (since we worked together on the selection) that she had selected the best images for her album and now can't wait to see the finished result!

We worked together to select 303 images for her 2 volume set. On our last review of the images, I commented just how strong the images told the wedding story especially when you look at the tightly edited series of images. She overwhelmingly agreed.

The groom's mother wants to make her own choice. Instead of waiting for months till she has a chance to see the bride's finished album, I suggested we set up another meeting with her mother-in-law. The door has been opened to work personally with another client
and to assist with the decision process in making the best choices. By the way, the bride's mother is getting a duplicate set of the bride's albums.

I've got a lot more thoughts on this whole process that I will share with you next Thursday. I promise you, it will be worth the read.

Light Up My Life Friday: More Than a Dozen Lighting Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure
I had another Lighting lesson planned for today but can't pull it off unless I want to still be blogging away at six o'clock tonight. So gang, I'm taking the easy way out today. It is late in the day and we have to get ready for the holiday weekend, so I'm going to point you towards my fellow Cincy blogging buddy, Jim Talkington's series of videos over at YouTube. Here is the link.

Jim had his ProPhotoLife site "cookin" in 2008 and then retired his blog early in 2009 to pursue other endeavors. ProPhotoLife still gets "tons" of traffic because it is so loaded with content. That's why I'm pointing you there today. Jim covered so many things on his site, it's still a pleasure to go back and visit now and then - mainly because you can't take it all in in one visit.

This is "Light Up My Life Friday" so head over to and check out Jim's more that 30 videos on studio operations with at least a dozen of them on lighting! There are not long but they are definitely informative. Enjoy the browse, have a great weekend, and I see all you guys and girls on Monday. May all your USA pixels have a very sparkling 4th of July. See ya' next week, -David


  1. Hope you and your family have or had a wonderful Holiday. Thanks for all you do for us. Brian F.

  2. Hey David, greetings from the UK.

    Hope you had a great holiday (though maybe I should not say so being a loyal subject of the Queen ;)).

    Just wanted to let you know what an inspiration your blogs are and how much they are appreciated. Thanks for all the work you put in to them!

    Do you ever make it over to the UK? I would love to attend one of your seminars.

    I did my first wedding photography a couple of weeks ago. Wow, so much hard work! Never really appreciated it until now. Wedding photographers are really worth every penny! And I really have so much to learn...

    Keep up the wonderful blog.

    Thanks again

  3. David:

    A big thank you for pointing out Jim's old blogs and video's. For some reason I missed him when he was actively blogging. I playing catch up. The guy is great teacher.

    Thanks again.