Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Technique Tuesday: Live Shoot At The Wedding Reception & A New Podcast

Good Evening Everybody,
Sorry for the super late post today - just too much stuff going on around the studio again today. We've just launched my Digital Resource Center which I announced in the above post above so I hope you'll check it out.

We are also packing our bags as we head to Chicago bright and early tomorrow morning where I will be presenting a program for the Chicagoland Professional Photographers Association.

Then on Thursday I present a private seminar for about 20 photographers in the Chicago area too. After that we rush back late Thursday afternoon so I can get the gear packed for Friday's wedding. Then the Photowalk on Saturday - Whew!

Hey, one quick note before I get on with today's Technique Tuesday. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was interviewed by Dave Warner over at LensFlare35.com. Dave's site is dedicated to Pro Canon shooters. He has several podcasts on line right now by some very talented and well known photographers.

I just got an email from David telling me that the podcast just went "LIVE". We had a great time during the very lively interview so I think you will enjoy it. You can give it a listen right here.

OK, it's time - let's get on with today's post.

A Live Shoot At The Wedding Reception
This past Saturday we had a great wedding at one of my favorite locations here in the city. My plan was to have my assistant, Nicholas, shoot some video of me during various parts of the day.

The party was rockin' and I thought this would be a good time to try to pull off my "Live Reception Shoot" idea. I must admit, it went better than expected. I was surprised I could actually hear myself on my lapel mic with the very loud band playing in the background.

As I move through the candid shooting, the video pops with the images I was shooting - very cool. I added some call outs to the video to help explain some of the details of the moments. Hit the PLAY button and enjoy. It's kind of fun., - David


  1. Hi David!

    HUGE fan! Just wanted to say thanks for all your tutorial videos. They really make my afternoons when I get to come home from work, open a beer, and kick back to a good technique tuesday.

    I can't say thanks enough. Really appreciate it.

    When's your book finally going to hit the press? Give us an update!


  2. Michael Gauthier10:08 PM, July 14, 2009

    David - great video, and great pictures. Can you give us some insight into the settings and flash - looked like you had an on camera flash, and the images all looked like they were flashed? Thanks. Mike G

  3. WOW! I am totally blown away! Once again you have raised the bar with your out of the box thinking. Thanks so much for the time and energy you pour into these tutorials. Every day you offer up some meaty, applicable technique or bit of wisdom I can use right now. You totally ROCK! I don't miss a single one! Can't wait for your book! :D

  4. WOW! That rocked! That was incredible. It's past midnight, I'm supposed to be asleep, yet I'm going to watch it again after this comment. I'm pumped and ready to dance & shoot right now! I don't know who was moving faster--the band or you! Thanks much for the post. Brian F.

  5. So sweet. And your posted images clearly demonstrated that your subjects didn't pop out of a black hole thanks to your routine lighting setup. Brian F again.

  6. But what is the lightening set-up and the camera settings. I don't see it in the movie?

    Regards, Robert

  7. Wow, David! That seemed like a blast.
    What a lucky guy you are to live your passion in the midst of others have a blast....

    Thanks for the insight.

  8. Hello David

    An idea with legs, to be sure. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Fantastic David to see you in action with your team working.

  10. Wow, that was awesome. Being able to watch in real time what was happening was very educational. I know I have a few new things to try out at my next wedding.

    Thank you so much for this blog and all that you share through it.


  11. What a great video, thanx for sharing.

  12. Fantastic video David. It was really cool getting to watch you working in real-time. On the flash shots were you tripping your off camera flash remotely or just using on camera flash? Thanks, for all you do, I look forward to your blog everyday and have pre-ordered your book. Hope I can get you to sign it in November in Birmingham at the DWC.

  13. Hi David,
    Like all the rest of the comments. Thanks for shearing. You were using an on camera flash. Did you use ant modifier with it? Was it tilted at all? Thanks again.

  14. Anonymous said...
    So sweet. And your posted images clearly demonstrated that your subjects didn't pop out of a black hole thanks to your routine lighting setup

    I agree. You had great backlighting. Care to share what you do to get this? What is your remote setup?